If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Serious Business

Some things are just serious business.  From this picture, one might think birthdays are one of those serious things!

Maybe it was those BIG numbers on the cake.  Maybe it was the gravity of rolling over into another decade for one of the celebrants and hitting the hump of a decade for the other.  Maybe I just snapped the camera between chuckles.

After all, there were lots of chuckles and giggles and full-on belly-laughs!  We recently celebrated Bridgette's and Corey's birthdays.  It is always good to have family together and share some fellowship.

We had pancakes, waffles, yellow-and-fluffy eggs (scrambled - that is a story for another day), French toast, biscuits, sausage, and bacon.  There was preserves, fruit, chocolate chips, and syrup toppings. 

I had fabulous chefs in the kitchen with me.  Jessica nursed the griddle and pancakes.  Bryan monitored the electric skillet frying the sausage and bacon.  Mama whipped up the French toast. 

Then, Mama had baked a German chocolate cake (Bridgette's favorite) for the birthday cake.  Everything was delicious and we all feasted on breakfast for dinner.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting ready for a big birthday...

A certain member of our family has a big birthday today.  (We are planning to celebrate on Saturday.)  So, I've been cruising the net looking for ideas.  Of course, the best stop is here:

I found all sorts of ideas...  I was inspired...  I was excited...  I was intrigued...  I was entertained...  There was everything from door decorations...
Doesn't that look festive and fun?  It could be used for every birthday party or celebration and other simple decorations could simply be helium balloons.  Ah... what a great idea!  Of course, there was also this...
Isn't it so girly and sweet and fluffy and cute?  I think it would be easy to recreate and inexpensive, too.  Then, we could use tulle to fluff the centerpiece and such.  What a great idea!  Of course, there was also this...
Isn't it soft and sweet and feminine and elegant and fresh?  I think it would be simple and inexpensive.  then, we could use smaller versions as the centerpiece and other decor.  What a great idea!  Of course, there was also this...
Look at all the cool ideas here!  Colorful!  Sweet!  Cheerful!  Wonderful!  Wow!  Looks so fun!  Then, there are also ideas for the special cake...
(Sorry, I forgot to get the source!)
I think this one would be do-able - my cakes sort of look wonky like this anyway... Or, knowing what one of her favorite meals is...
I wouldn't have to worry about how beautiful the cake turned out and the cake could be the meal!  How easy is that? 

Then, I realized, I'm kind of being ridiculous.  After all, the big birthday is her thirtieth!  What? 


How did that happen?  Boy!  Bridgette is really getting O-L-D!  Mercy!  Thirty... Where did the time go?

I hope it is full of all the fun you can stand and then some.  I hope you remember the wonderful journey that brought you to this place.  (If you'd like to see photos commemorating some of that journey, click HERE.)  I hope you have many, many, many more to create exciting memories from and add to the journey with giggles and glee.

Happy Birthday to my little girl!
Just remember...
Love you!