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Monday, July 3, 2017

Because it's BBQ Season...

We pretty much use our grill year-round.

When I say we, I mean Mike.

I don't grill.

Well, I have a couple of times and almost had to call the fire department.

So, I refrain from it and since I ruined the gas side the last time I tried to grill when we almost called the local fire department of our gas and charcoal grill, Mike prevents me from grilling.

Mike is really good at cooking on the grill and he prefers to use charcoal to gas.  This kind-of-sort-of works out to my advantage.  So, every opportunity I get for him to do the cooking, I'm going to take advantage of it!

Since Mike's sugar levels went wonky and he began taking insulin daily, we have focused more on eating low-carb meals and a bit healthier preparation - which includes grilling.  So, we have landed on our favorite way to prepare what Mike used to call flavorless meat - boneless, skinless chicken breast.

About a year ago, our son and daughter-in-law mentioned that  they were taking a stab at some salt-brined chicken cooked on the grill.  I had read about this and was curious.  Especially curious after using The Pioneer Woman's Maple-Whiskey Turkey brine and it turned out so delicious.  Bryan and Jessica reported that their attempt turned out tasty and juicy.  So, I concocted my own brine recipe for chicken.

The first time we attempted this, Mike also had me shape up a couple of hamburgers and he added some hot dogs to the grill - just-in-case.  As it turned out, we both really wound up liking the chicken and have used some variation of the recipe over and over.

Using my Kroger ClickList coupon which offered hot dogs, buns, and lemonade, I ordered us some Pepperidge Farms onion rolls.  Then, I noticed there is a sweepstakes contest listed on the bag.  So, at lunchtime today I prepared and Tweeted out my image as the contest suggested.  (I usually only Tweet from my work account but didn't really think this seemed professional and decided to use my rarely accessed personal Twitter account.)  Not only was my sandwich absolutely delicious, but I hope to win big bucks!  I know that technically my version is not a burger but...Darn!  Doesn't it look tasty?
Unretouched image of my BBQ chunk chicken sandwich on an onion roll - it was yummy!

I thought I'd pass the recipe along since it is BBQ season and folks might be grilling for the holiday.  Hop on over to my recipe blog to get the brine recipe.