If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Back Door Welcome

Bridgette spent some time putting together a vignette for her back stoop a couple of weeks ago.
She dressed her metal maniquin in fall colors, placed some pumpkins, a basket, and mums at Suzy's 'feet.'  She hung the upcycled window frame turned chalkboard nearby.  Then, she took a scrap board and painted/stenciled welcome onto it and leaned that against the chimney.
Even at night the little vignette shines brightly to welcome folks into their back yard.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Getting too big!

This girl is getting TOO big!  She was so excited to get a big girl bed.  She told me all about it.  She played on it and was all smiles.  I got this photo of her and my heart skipped a beat because I'm not ready for her to be such a big girl.
Look at that, she is stretched way down on that twin-sized bed.  Eeek!
It looks like the excitement was almost too much for her to contain.  Then, when I checked in a couple of days later, I learned that she pitched a huge fit and didn't want to sleep in her big-girl bed that night.  It was so bad that her daddy was ready to get the crib out and set it back up for her.  Mom and Dad wound up holding firm and she is now sleeping well in the new bed.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


The other day I may have mentioned that my daughter, Bridgette, has been creative.  She has been upcycling.
Recently she got herself a saws-all and began taking pallets apart.  Then, she puts them back together and adds some of her creative talent.  The one above is now hanging outside on the porch of her craft cabin.
She used a similar technique to create this one.  I think it must be for a customer.  Simple reuse of rough lumber to create something cute, trendy, crafty, and beautiful.
Then, there is this one that she made for her dining room wall.
Some rough boards, a little paint, and a lot creativity.  Here is where it now hangs:
Look closely, there are a couple of smalls hanging to the right as well.
I just love the scrap projects almost as much as the large featured ones.  Aren't these adorable.
This cute Grocery sign is in the kitchen.  Lillie seems to think she is developing a look there.
It went on this wall with some vintage utensils and a stitchery piece created by my grandmother.  I think it is a really cute collection.  Lillie told Bridgette that she thought it looked a bit like Cracker Barrel.  Hmmm...
There's also this collection.  I think it was created for a gift.  Even though my walls are already pretty filled, I wish I had been on the receiving end don't you?
This one is crafted using a similar technique.  I think I really love it, too!  I told her that she might be developing an addiction or a problem of some kind with all this upcycling, recycling, and creativity.  Maybe she can continue to feed her crafty habit as people order from her via Goody Stuff.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Putting Pep In My Step

I got my hair cut on Friday afternoon.  Now, everyone who knows me realizes that I claim to be old and that I don't move all that fast.  I've also been slower lately due to my bad back.

It seems that somebody didn't realize that, however.  When I came out to my truck to leave, this old girl came trotting toward me.  I cannot tell you how quickly I scooted across that parking lot and into my truck to get away from her!
This photo was taken from inside the truck, by the way.  I took no chances!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Maybe simplest is best...

I've come to a conclusion.  I don't think I'm going to put a bed skirt with my Granny's quilt.
I thought it was necessary because the box springs on the bed peeks out from under the quilt.  I've searched and searched for appropriate fabric.  I've given it all sorts of thought.  If I use a bed skirt, the pretty wooden bed rails won't show.  I haven't been able to find the 'just-right' fabric to coordinate with the quilt but not distract from the workmanship.  So, last weekend when I was shuffling bedding, I put a white sheet over the box springs to make it not stand out like a sore thumb.  I think I like that enough for now and will live with it. I've still not landed on the perfect fabric for curtains and pillow shams.  So, I pulled the white matelasse ones off the bed in the back bedroom and that is how it will be for a while.  What do you think?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent

Upcycling.  I've been seeing this term thrown around a lot lately.
My daughter, Bridgette, has put the practice to work.  She dug around in their garage and found an empty window frame.  Then, she added a painted wood piece into the window frame and has a new chalkboard hanging beside her back door.  Much cuteness!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Sprucing Up

I've been doing a wee bit of sprucing up and added in some fall touches around here.  I put the blue and white pumpkin on the tray atop the den ottoman this year.
I brought out some pillow covers I crafted last year with a nice linen that featured a cream background and caramel print with a pheasant and leaves.  I also pulled out the leopard print pillow covers.  Then, I created a new pillow cover from a fabric remnant I had picked up for $1.99 and backed it with fabric that was formerly a dish towel.
I love the combination lined up across the sofa.  All the prints are interesting but I think they all look well together and are just the punch that is needed in my neutral palette den.
 The texture of the fabric and the vibrant colors as well as the thistle-like pattern of the flowers really tugged at me when I was in the store and saw several twenty-six-inch squares of various prints offered as remnants for $1.99.
I removed the blue and tan covers from the lumbar pillows in the wing back chairs and left the black silk with floral embroidered ones that I had made a couple of years ago in the chairs.  Then, I created a couple of covers for another pair of lumbar pillows using the same cream and caramel linen fabric as the ones on the sofa.
I like the combo of the two fabrics and how the black ground of the older pillows provides a background or depth for the lighter pillows in the chairs.  The covers are simple envelope-style and I simply stitched about a quarter-inch from the edge to give it a sharp edge that would stand out and hold its shape.
I revamped the mantel a bit and went with simple blue and white candle holders and vases.  I only added a basket of pine cones, a faux boxwood topiary, and a silvery glass pumpkin to the hearth.
In the entryway, I just plopped a cute ceramic pumpkin atop a small pedestal to add a bit of fall color there.
In the kitchen, I added a pretty blue ceramic pumpkin with caramel-tan leaves and a couple of rusty-orange candles in hurricanes to the tray on the dining table and slid a caramel and golden plaid linen table runner beneath.
In the bedroom, I added the Holstein steer and pumpkins tapestry pillow to the front of the standards that decorate the bed most of the time.  Fall sprucing may be done and sparse this year.  I'm just not as excited to do a lot of sprucing and wrestling with heavy pumpkins this year due to my back ailment.  Sometimes simple is best.