If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What Grandma's Do

Here is what grandma's do at the birthday party of their grandchildren:
I bet you know what Karen was seeing, don't you?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just some things I noticed...

When setting up for a birthday party, it was certainly a 'all-hands-on-deck' situation for Bryan and Jessica.
I got a bit of a chuckle when I was looking through the photos I made.  I first noticed the intensity of everybody at getting things set up and just right for the meal.  
Then, I noticed how much one generation looked a lot like the other.
Same facial expressions.  Same level of intensity at getting the job done.
Then, I noticed something else and I wondered...
Is SOMEBODY waiting there for his next instructions?  OR is he inspecting to make sure they are doing the job to his satisfaction?
And here is what this guy was doing...

Monday, October 5, 2015

The New Digs

I think you have seen a bit of a preview of the new digs for our son, Bryan, and his family.
I stopped at the end of the driveway to take this shot when I went for a visit about a month ago.  You can see the shop with the apartment in front that was a work-in-progress at the time.  The house will probably eventually set right in front of the bend in the driveway.  This photo shows what a beautiful rolling lot they are blessed with and how peaceful a sanctuary they will have to raise a family and grow together.
Above is a shot of the front when I visited about three weeks before Harris's birthday party.  Below is a shot of the side showing one of the garage doors and the "people" door leading into the shop area.
You may remember that Harris did a bit of helping to get it ready for the move-in.

The opposite side and the "people" door on that side can be seen above.  The shot below shows the very back of the shop and the garage door on that end.
The view that will be the back pasture behind the house is shown below.
Today I'm going to give you a bit of an informal tour.  You can already see the progress Bryan and Jessica and Harris have made in less than a month!
The front entrance gives a fall welcome and invites visitors to come on in.  Of course, you are even more welcome if you come in singing "Rocky Top" to proclaim your favorite team!
Here is the look as you step in the front door and into the den area.  The kitchen is straight ahead.
The den sitting area is just to the left of the front door and Harris's toy box serves as the coffee table.  Even after only living there a week, Bryan and Jessica had decorated and it was cozy and welcoming.
When in the sitting area, you can see the entertainment center and the area for collecting keys, purse, and what-not right at the back entrance.  You also see the entrance to the bedroom.
Through the bedroom door is a spacious sleeping area with Bryan and Jessica's bed and a dresser on one wall.
Harris's big-boy bed and another dresser are on the other side.  The door to the bath could be seen through the entrance to the bedroom and I didn't get photos of it.
The back door leads out to the shop area where they have a nice work bench in one corner flanked by garage doors on either side.
There is plenty of storage along one wall and they have it full with tubs and boxes of things waiting to to into their new house when it is ready.
Standing in that back corner where the lawn mower was in the previous photo and looking back toward the doorway into the living quarters, there is plenty of open space for toys and a play area (and a serving table set up for a birthday party) as well as a freezer and an extra fridge with a 'people' door on that side wall.  The deep laundry room sink will be handy for clean ups after working in the shop.  Above the living area, you can barely see that there is also storage space for the remainder of their furniture which is also waiting for the house to be built.
On the other side of the back doorway is the laundry area and another 'people' door.  With the doors open, it was breezy and nice even on an extra hot day.

I know they are anxious to get going on their house where they can once again spread out.  This cozy space has turned out really nice and went together quickly to provide them temporary quarters, though.  I've teased them and told them that they need to get moving on the house and get out of those temporary digs soon so that I can use it as my get-away spot!
I think I could be quite happy taking advantage of such a plush space to get away from the rat-race of work and the responsibilities of home!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Big Second Birthday at His New House!

We celebrated Harris's second birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was big fun.  He is really at a cute stage of life and I think he and the rest of us had a big old time.  

This was the scene when I got there.  So, I eased a little closer to see what these two were getting into.

It smelled delicious and tasted fabulous, too.  Bryan had slow-cooked on the grill some pork roasts for a Bar-B-Q meal and he and Mama were breaking it up with forks.
I found the birthday boy out in the shop part of their new digs.
He was checking out the candles that would go on the cake for him to blow out.  
Jessica had things looking cute with a farm theme.  She kept it simple by using his little farm animal figures as center pieces along with some cute cow masks she had stuck to sticks.
Everybody had to peep through them and say moo before Harris was satisfied.  I think he probably was the cutest little peeper.  He would try with one and then another to see if it looked different.
Silly Aunt Bridgette had to peek through while Luci and Lillie smiled and looked cute.
Harris made sure that Lillie peeked through one of them, though.
Cousin Clara may be just a bit older than him but she had to peek through a mask, too.  I think Harris was a little more concerned with cousin Kylie feeding his lunch to one of the cows on the table, though!
Harris liked Luci peeking through and had to give her a bit of love afterward.
Luci loved the centerpieces and kept moo-ing over and over because she saw the cows.  Interestingly, she had them gallop everytime she got her hands on one.  Wonder why?
Jessica had printed, cut out, and they hung a cute banner proclaiming the celebratory event.  It stood out against the insulated wallboard backdrop there in the shop.
I loved her little creative signage.  The spoons and forks were pitchforks and shovels.
It all looked cute on the cow-spotted table covers and it tasted delicious.  She had baked beans and home-made slaw.  Mamaw had contributed corn light bread.
The Krispy treats were called hay bales.
The chocolate oatmeal cookies Aunt Emil made were called cow patties.
A freshly painted wheel barrow filled with ice and bottled water was labeled as the watering trough.
The cake table had a cute, cow-spotted number two and a galvanized pail of cow tales on it.  
There were two cakes - the spotted one was rather traditional with a white layer and a chocolate layer.  The hay bale one was eggless for Harris.  Both were yummy!
We all chowed down and enjoyed the feast!

In case you haven't noticed, the chalk board captured part of the info for remembering:
Harris weighs 32 pounds and is almost 35 inches tall.  His favorite things are milk, riding tractors, chocolate, and feeding cows.  He got to do all those things, too!
The little man had a hard time sitting still long enough to eat but I do think he swallowed a bite or two.
He had to check out Luci's fare to be sure her menu didn't look better than his.
To prove how good the food was, even the pickiest of eaters chowed down!
He was gifted with some really cool things and wanted to play with each one in turn - not really into opening all the gifts and then playing.  He wanted to open one and play for a bit! I sort of wanted to play with this backhoe, too!

These girls, his older cousins, had a big time and were full of giggles most of the day.
He did dig in and check out all of his gifts - and was even interested in the clothes.  I guess he is a bit like his dad after all.
He got into a rhythm of pulling out the paper...
...reading the cards...
...and playing with the toys.
All-in-all it turned out to be a thumbs-up kind of day for Harris and the rest of us, too.
I think the whole family would rate the first party at their new digs as a success!