If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blessings Abound!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Simple Things

Isn't it really the simple things that turn out to be the best?

This weekend, Mike and I had the opportunity to be home alone, together, without a particular agenda.

Oh, he ran a couple of errands and made a bacon and sausage delivery.  I zipped over to a fabric store in hopes of finding the perfect companion for my Granny's quilt.

Those were not a part of a formal agenda.  We could have stayed home and told the world where we were and if necessary, it could come to us.

We watched a little television.  We napped.  We ate delicious take-out and home-cooked foods.  We talked.  We just relaxed and enjoyed one another's company or spent time alone while the other was doing.

Truly, it was simple and wonderful!

It was rejuvenating.

I hope you have a simple week...or can handle the bluster of your life simply.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Country come to town...

A month or so ago, my mother lined up a crew of us to help her move the remaining furniture out of my Granny's house.  The crew was a family team.

Time was squared away to help out.  However, some folks missed out on the chance.  My husband, Mike, and my sister, Brenda, and my niece, Rebecca, had to work.  Bless their hearts.

My son, Bryan, and his family had already made reservations with some friends to go on vacation to the beach.  Bless their hearts.

Bridgette and Corey were gearing up to go to the hospital for little Luci's birth.  Corey was mowing grass to get ahead and Bridgette was resting every chance she could.  Bless their hearts.

So, I hooked my truck to Mike's trailer and awaited the call from Mom to let me know when the remainder of the crew were headed to Granny's house.  (I don't know who was more excited that I got it all hooked up and ready to roll... Mike, or me!)
Bev's truck to haul your junk.  I don't work cheap!

The day was one of those where all you had to do is step outside your house and immediately you were sweating.  My brow was dripping before I even got out the drive and had the air conditioner cooling the cab of the truck.

When I pulled up to the curb, both Daddy's pickup trucks were parked in the driveway and the back seat of Mom's car was already full.

In no time, Nathan, (niece Rebecca's husband) Adam, (niece Megan's boyfriend) Megan, my brother-in-law, Dwayne, and niece Madalyn were soon hauling out chairs, end tables, coffee tables, and more onto the front lawn.

Now, bear in mind that this is the neighborhood directly across the street from a ritzy golf course.  So, I'm sure folks were peeking out from behind the drapes in the neighborhood all up and down the street.

I'm sure we looked a bit like the Clampets from the Beverly Hillbillies.  I even teased Madalyn that we could strap one of the rocking chairs to the roof of my truck and she could ride there when we left.

Here is how we looked when we rolled out of that ritzy neighborhood:

We had dressers, mattresses and box springs, headboards and footboards wedged in between, end tables stacked atop one another, coffee tables strapped upside down on top of dressers, and yes, that is a baby bed on end in the bed of my truck.

Daddy's pickup trucks were loaded in a similar manner:
Heirlooms swaddled in quilts.

Bungee cords, pieces of rope and twine, and ratcheted straps holding everything in place.

My Granny's house stands empty now with handymen working to get it spruced up and ready to sell.  All of her beautiful belongings have been disbursed to members of the family who cherish the gifts she left us but more-so we cherish the memories we hold of her and the matriarch she was to our family.

The funny thing is that many of those same furniture pieces were hauled from my Granny and Granddaddy's farm down to this ritzy neighborhood exactly the same way they were hauled away from that house.  Some of them even in that same little red Ford truck shown in the photo above.  I'm sure the neighbors were thinking many thoughts about our family and us loading all our belongings into old pickup trucks.  Probably one of those thoughts went something like, "You can take the folks out of the country but you just cannot take the country out of the folks."  Bless their hearts.

As we rolled down the street, I'm sure there were more folks than me who were humming the tune and mumbling the words,

...so we loaded up the truck and moved to Bev-er-ly...

Bless their hearts.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shopping With The Best!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a blog post which touched a nerve for me...

It said Lets Go Shopping Together...

Well, rarely do I have to be begged to do something fun like go shopping with somebody.  With the added thrill of getting to shop with an infamous rock star shopping diva, well, I was practically dancing on the ceiling.  Quickly, I sent off a message to say that I would be there with bells on!

Then, I picked up my phone and called my daughter-in-law and told her that I was going to need a partner in crime on October second.

Can you believe it?

She didn't have to be wrestled to the ground or thrown up against the wall and pinned there or even just sat upon till she gave in and said yes she would go!


I bid my time till the infamous Thursday in October...

Then, my little red truck and I squealed out of town leaving only a vapor trail behind and headed to Clarksville to The Hayloft at Port Royal's Fall Barn Sale.

I rolled into my son and daughter-in-law's driveway on two wheels and was on their front porch before that red truck stopped rocking to see if my daughter-in-law was ready to shop.

Amazingly, not only was she ready to shop...

my son and grandson were going to join us for a big night out at the Barn Sale!

We only had to go down the road and around a couple of curves past several bare corn fields (the corn had been picked a week or so before) and a few soybean fields.

Then, there we were...

Standing on the grounds where I would meet KariAnne Wood for the first time...

in the flesh...


and we would shop...


My family and I wandered through the barn

zig-zagging in and out of booths.

We touched loads of items of beauty...

things like jewelry made from silverware handles,  hand-painted second-hand furniture, tied-rag bunting swags, mongrammed burlap door hangings, upcycled wood signs, barn-wood frames, felted wool dryer balls, beaded bracelets, paper-cut art and prints, beautiful old trunks, and so much more!

We dreamed of ways to use items and how each would enhance the decor of our homes.

Jessica and I kept our eyes pealed for the most infamous shopper who would be threading her way through the booths.

Then, it happened...

I saw her just down the pathway in front of me!

So, I dashed over to her...

...and put my hand upon her shoulder...

...and called her name...


And she turned around looking just like a rock-star-come-to-life...

and smiled and invited me to join her on a shopping foray!

(Can you believe it?)

I almost did a cartwheel right then and there!  (Well, my heart did do one but my body knows I am way too old for that silliness and told me to just smile instead.)

Since I did come with my family, I politely stammered and told KariAnne that I would be right back and dashed off to fetch them.

When we caught up to her again, she embraced my family and complimented the beauty of my daughter-in-law, Jessica.  So, I knew deep in my bones that KariAnne is more than a rock star...

She must also be an ordained angel with an eye like that!

We followed along for a bit as she was shopping with a couple or three other lucky patrons.

KariAnne pointed out several things we had missed on our first stroll through the booths and we picked up a couple more treasures.

We tagged along behind and enjoyed the evening before the rumblings of my grandson's cute little belly nudged us toward dinner.

Just before we veered off from our heralded shopper, she commented at how she had noticed that my son, my grandson, and I shared the same deep chocolate dancing eyes.

Yep, genius-ness in action there!

We took our beauty and dancing eyes and headed back down that country road past a few soybean fields and the bare corn fields toward home clutching our treasures and the warm memory of shopping with the best...

Thanks for the thrills, KariAnne!

P.S. I'll share a little more about treasures uncovered at The Hayloft at Port Royal Barn Sale in another post.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I have become a risk-taker in my old age...

I mean, like my niece once uttered about her 90+ grandfather, "What have I got to lose?"

Who says we have to follow the norms and seek professional guidance when we are decorating our home?

I tend to follow the advice of The Nester..."It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

So, when I inherited a couple of serene, pastoral prints from my Granny's estate, I was overwhelmed at first.

The prints are something that really didn't fit with my farmhouse style.

Still, though, they are serene, pastoral, and the colors work in almost every room of the house.

I decided that maybe the deep green trim on the frames was the reason I hesitated to embrace them fully.

After all, I'm not really a lover of green for decorating.

Then, I realized...

be brave!


I panted them!
Just a subtle change.

From green to black!

Wasn't that a brave, risk-taking decorating move on my part?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Favorite Children

Sometimes we have a running family joke about who is The Favorite Child.  

I will just tease whoever just did something thoughtful and wonderful for us that he/she is The Favorite Child.

You know, like when Stephen came by and helped me unload the sectional and put it in the basement...he was The Favorite Child.

Or when Bridgette came up and helped me set up for a shower...she was The Favorite Child.

Then, there was the time that Jessica came over and helped me clean up and get ready for a gathering...she was The Favorite Child.

Each of them has been The Favorite Child at some point.

Like, when Bryan helped me to move some furniture from the basement upstairs...he was The Favorite Child.

Or when Bonnie came early and hid and slid things like the vacuum cleaner before a crowd surprised me here on my birthday...she was The Favorite Child.

The day Laura brought some cookies for a baby shower...she was The Favorite Child.

Corey came and trimmed the shrubbery one day and...he was the Favorite Child.

Get the picture?  I will usually thank whomever profusely and gush that he/she is The Favorite Child.

Now, don't think there is any REAL special honor in being The Favorite Child.  

I mean, it doesn't come with wealth and riches, or some special certification or...anything, really.

It just means there is a little shinier, more polished sheen on the halo at the moment in time.

Recently, I was the proud recipient of a couple of fabulous prints that were part of my grandmother's estate.  They are sweet, timeless, classics.  The colors are perfect for any room in our house.  I really feel lucky to have them!

I was gushing over my good fortune with one of the girls at work and showed Sara a photo on my cell phone of the fabulous prints.  Immediately, she became animated and let me know that her mother had those same prints.  She asked me to text her the photo so she could show her mother.  A few minutes later, Sara reported that her mother had responded with this..."Gretchen and Gary!"

We laughed about it and discussed that Sara had no idea if that meant they were famous or if that meant they were common or what exactly that meant.  So, I did what we always do to learn more...Googled it!

We learned that my canvas prints were popular vintage prints of a couple of James Ingwersen paintings.  Ingwersen was a portrait artist who painted the little girl eating cookies and the little boy reading.  

I don't know much more about these prints which were originally portraits of children, but I have decided to adopt them.  

After all, they looked great with the red poppy quilt and decor that I had in the front bedroom...

They still look wonderful with the cross-stitched quilt my Granny made...

They fit well with the other artwork in the room - mostly photos of Mike and my four children.  So, we have decided to keep them in that room where we can admire them frequently as we stroll through the house.  

With all their flexibility and charm, they have quickly become The Favorite Children.  After all, they cost us nothing.  They never cause us any anxiety or grief or concern.  Those two children just peacefully sit and nibble their cookies and read their books and make us smile.  


...and low maintenance...

I think they have the revered title sewed up!

What more could you possibly ask for out of The Favorite Children?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Pieces for the Roadshow?

You may recall that members of my family and I have been collecting treasures (of course, it all depends on your perspective) and wondering which one will by my Antique Roadshow treasure.

Recently, I was the recipient of a couple of prints and was really glad to get them.  I absolutely love the colors in them and they are so pastoral and serene.

Sorry the image isn't better but my cell phone shot is all I had that was a head-on close-up.

I have tried to find out more information about these prints by searching online and at my local library.

No luck.

So, here is where I appeal to the world.

(I guess what I'm really doing is asking my Mama to poll her friends since she seems to be my most avid reader!)

What do you know about these prints?

This is what the sticker on the back of the one on the left looks like:

It is called The Swing.  Well, for obvious reasons...

It shows a Victorian lady swinging gleefully between two trees!  I'm sure her face looks a lot like our Lydia's ecstatic one when she was swinging last year at Pre-K...

As you can see on the sticker, the prints are marketed by a company called Turner Wall Accessory and I have found out about other prints marketed by this company but not these two.

The other print has this sticker on the back:

and, well, it shows a pastoral scene with folks dancing.  Imagine that!

I had a difficult time deciding where to hang these two treasures.

The colors worked in almost every single room of this house.

(Wonder if Mama and Aunt Mary thought of that when they decided these treasures needed to be passed along to me?)

First, I tried them in the master bedroom with the stitched piece my Granny had crafted...

Then, I tried them in the front bedroom with the quilt I'm still searching for fabric to accessorize...

Next, I tried them in the back guest bedroom and decided they needed to be where I could enjoy them more often.

Then, finally decided they needed to flank the opposite side of the fireplace where I had another pastoral scene of cows that came from Mike's side of the family.

We do like them.  They are a real treasure from our perspective.

I still can't help but wonder if they are my Antique Roadshow treasure pieces, though...