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Friday, July 6, 2018

New Windows!

One of the things Mike and I have been planning and hoping and wanting to do since we married is to replace the windows in this house.  The windows were original to the house which was built in the mid 1980s and were wood and large and single-paned and not energy efficient.  A few of them had structural issues and we were really overdue for an update.  So, this summer, that plan finally came to fruition.

The guys came and measured and took stock of the situation.  Then, we got the estimate and placed the order.  After a couple of weeks, the windows arrived on site at the hardware/building supply store and a week later, the installation guy drove into our driveway and went to work!

One of the guys began to pull the aluminum wrap away from the outside of the windows. 

Next, one of the guys would use a saws-all and cut all the way round each window.  Then, any rotten or damaged wood was removed with a pry bar and small hand tools and replaced with new wood and screws.

Next the window springs and connectors were cut and removed.  Then, the windows were removed one at a time.  The new windows were placed in the hole with one fellow on the inside and one on the outside.  As the outside fellow added shims to level up the window, the inside fellow would place a screw through the window frame and shim and into the wood 2 x 4 surrounding the window opening.  The shims were cut off to be flush and even with the window.

Foam insulation was sprayed into the opening surrounding the window and left to dry overnight.  The next day, the guys returned and began to wrap the opening with a wood-grain, vinyl-clad aluminum.  They used a machine that would cut and fold the aluminum in a precise manner.  Then, slid it into place and nailed it.

The result is a clean, simple, beautiful window and surround.

When he had finished the installation, the window guy, Troy, swept away the mess, loaded it all onto his truck and trailer and hauled it away!

I love the look of the new windows and we can already tell a huge difference in energy efficiency and the noise level inside the house is less as well. 

The view is wonderful from inside as well!

Even before I've washed them, they are clean and clear and look beautiful! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Splish! Splash!

This curious little lady loves her a bath!  She gets excited when the water is running and has to check it out.

Then, it is time to splash, splash, splash!  She kicks her feet and slaps at the water with her hands and just loves it.

On a recent visit, I got to take in all the splishing and splashing.  There was a good time to be had.

She doesn't mind the scrubbing and shampooing or the rinse cycle, either!  She just keeps splashing.

Dad happened to have bath duty on this visit while Mom was busy behind the scenes.  This little one is so pleasant, though, that she didn't mind the dry-off time when it was time to stop the splashing part.  She just gave us a few smiles and rolled along with it.

Now, I didn't say she was still and cooperative for the dry-off period.  Nope, that doesn't happen. 

No stillness with this girl!  She's got to be moving and Dad just has to keep up.

When she looks up at him and gives him a grin, though, I don't think it matters one bit!

Sunday, July 1, 2018


I've always heard about females who take a long time to get primped up and ready to go somewhere. 

My experience in raising a boy and a girl was that the girl generally took less time to get primped up and ready.

Now, I don't know about the time required for this next generation of primpers.  

However, I do know that he seems to be pretty good at it!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hitching a Ride!

What is it about boys that they like to ride?  What is it about them that they want to drive?

From an early age, it seems almost every one of them wants a set of wheels. 

There is one grandpa who is glad to oblige and I think he is even more happy about it than the little fellows who hitch a ride!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Levi's First Fish!

It must be a tradition around here that the menfolk go fishing together on Father's Day.  To the best of my recollection, father-and-son fishing has taken place on that day quite often.  This time, it included a new fisherman - Levi.

For this excursion, Mike was the photographer with his cell phone.  He was chuckling so much telling me about it that I am amazed that the photos are as clear as they are!

Mike said Stephen had barely cast his own line into the pond after getting Levi set before they heard, "I think I've got one!"  Stephen let him work with it a bit and when the pole bent some, he decided Levi needed a some assistance.

The photographer reported that the young fisherman wasn't too keen to touch the catch.

Even a little coaxing from Dad wasn't quite enough for him to want to hold that thing on his own!

The big grin was there, though, and I dare say that nobody's was bigger than the photographer's was at that point!

And so it goes, another little fisherman in the family!

(I wonder which grown man had the biggest Father's Day?)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Time with the Grands!

I wrapped up my school work at the beginning of the month and took a little time to spend with the grandchildren.  I spent a day with Bridgette and her girls doing some shopping and watching the older two play softball.  I didn't take my camera and just spent time watching and interacting and enjoying! 

Then, I went to visit Bryan's family and help out with a little bit of babysitting one morning to free up Jessica for another responsibility she had.  What fun we had.  I did take my camera on that trip but wound up being so busy that I didn't really make so many photos there either.  Sometimes, it is just better to be there creating memories and not trying to capture them!

Linley sure loves her big brother and usually is curious about what he is doing and wants to be right there as a part of it.  She has just mastered crawling well and is very much the busy one.

Harris is pretty good with her and has learned the house rules of what she can have access to and what she cannot.  Most of the time he adheres to that and doesn't have things out that are off limits.  Now, that doesn't mean he is always happy to collaborate with her, however!

Oh, is she learning loads of things, though!  It is so fun to watch them and see them take in the world around them and make their mark on it.

While I was there we went to a church revival, played a bit of back yard baseball, built a train track and ran trains on it, watched an Alvin and the Chipmonks movie, baked some fancy brownies, and had lots of fun.  I sure wish I had more free time to spend with all of them!