If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Time to be Thankful Together

On Thanksgiving Day Mike and I prepared a feast - roasted turkey that a neighbor's grandson won in a local turkey shoot after Mike gave him $12.  (Free turkey for us, fun for the young man, and a donation to a local charity.)  I cooked southern-style dressing, divided the recipe into a couple of parts and added oysters to one part for Mike.  We had home-canned green beans, scalloped potatoes, apples from a family member's orchard, and cranberry salad.  Yummy!  Then, we stored the leftovers in the fridge together, loaded the dishwasher, and waddled into the den for naps in front of the TV.

Friday, I went to Mom's to meet the family for a pot-luck lunch.

We had loads of food for a huge feast.

I took corn casserole, deviled eggs, and cranberry salad, my grown children brought food, my sister brought food, my grown nieces brought food.
We ate till we groaned.  Then, there was a bit of fun to be had as well.

A multiplication card game was popular for a while.  Yes, sometimes we are nerds.  Lillie was the expert for this game.

Bryan made the  littles (and one of the nerds) do a bit of giggling.

Adam sharpened Mamaw's cooking cutlery for her.  I think he  is anticipating another feast about a month from now!

There was lots of talk and a bit of advice passed along from the parents of toddlers and parents of those parents to soon-to-be-parents.

Then, it was  outside for a bit of exercise.  The kids played a little basketball.  The adults checked on the furniture shed, worked toward wintering cattle waterers, took a walk, and Corey did a little Armadillo reconnaissance.
The wild bunch went on an ATV ride.
I tracked this bunch down just as I was leaving and rescued Jessica, Madalyn, and Megan by giving them a ride to the house.  J, M, and M enjoyed a piece of quiet as they strolled back up the driveway!  I think it is safe to say that we recognized things we should be and are thankful for and for things and those we have given up since our last Thanksgiving.  Hope your holiday was filled with smiles and giggles like those oozing from the photo above!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!
From my family and a real turkey who strutted across our back yard...
by the way, he isn't the one I have in the oven.
Hope your holiday is filled with happy times making cherished memories.

Runs in the Family

Last year we spent a fun afternoon touring and this boy wanted to go into and check out every single shower on the home tour.  


This year I took in the tour with his Aunt Bridgette and guess what?

Runs in the family.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baby Gift

Bridgette and I collaborated recently to give a personalized baby gift for a young girl with whom I work.  She is a Big Orange fan as a graduate of The University of Tennessee.  So, I decided to go with that concept for a gift for her soon to arrive little fellow.
With Smokey as the mascot, we figured every little boy needs something with the dog's sweet face on it...and we thought we had better do that times three - a onsie, a swaddling blanket, and a burp-cloth.
Then, Bridgette decided that since little babies are often peeking over mom's shoulder, maybe a bit of personalization to make the outfit more like a jersey on the back was in order.
Included in the mix was a bit of orange-and-white-check to keep that UT flavor going.
So, baby Josiah will have a soft swaddling blanket with orange check and Smokey on one side and soft grey flannel on the other, an outfit with Smokey on one side and his name on the other, a burp-cloth with Smokey and his name on one side and orange check on the other, and a burp-cloth with the big orange T on one side and UT orange on the other.  Everybody will know he's a fan!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Yep.  I'm running a little behind.
A few days back (Nineteen to be exact) we had some visitors.  They came to the door dressed in their Halloween finery.
One little trick-or-treater was all about figuring this process out.  He took a look inside his treat bag when Mike gave it to him and was glad to get some chocolate pudding.  (Never mind that it was setting atop a bag chocked full of chocolate kisses, candybars, and candies.)
The other little trick-or-treater was hot, tired of being wagged from place to place, and ready to be home and in bed.
They both were cute little fellows and we enjoyed their visit.  Since we live in the country, they were our only trick-or-treaters.  We were certainly glad to greet them!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tractor Drivers

The other day I heard the rumbling of a tractor going behind the house.
So, I went outside to check things out.
These two tractor drivers were hauling hay up the hill to the horses.
The bigger fellow slowed down as I came out and made sure the smaller fellow saw me out there.
The small fellow made sure to check everything out and answered my questions.
Dad (the bigger fellow) did a little prompting.
That little fellow is a man of few words.