If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lydia!

Hope your day is a home run!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Advice on Mother's Day 2017

I'm always searching.  I look for wisdom and try to latch onto it and embed it into the marrow of my bones.  I don't want to store up all this wisdom so that I can hoard it, be perched in an ivory tower, and admired from afar.   I want to tuck it into neat little file folders and store it in the filing cabinet of my brain so that I can pull it out at the most opportune time.  I want to gather this wisdom to me like pulling clean laundry off the line or out of the dryer so that I can share it when others need it most, when they are at the depths of despair, when they need an uplifting word.  I search for wisdom for selfish reasons - primarily because I don't want to feel at a loss when somebody needs comfort most - or to be truthful, when I need comfort most.

I don't think I am alone in this and I think that is the mother element that is deep down inside each of us.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have wonderful mothers who set fine examples and lived as a model to guide the way.  Others were not so lucky and simply learned what doesn't work and what might be better.  Yet, somehow we all learned from our mothers in some fashion and in turn we set our sights at being as good or far better.

As I saw Mother's Day approaching this year, I really began to notice motherhood and searched for wisdom.  I searched for wisdom that I could share here.  I searched for something profound and earth-shattering.  I searched for some ideal.  I searched nearby in the ordinary and I looked further away at the famous.  In all my searching all I really found is that I am not alone in my search.

Emily Freeman expressed the vast range of mothering in her post, This One's For The Mothers.  Like Emily, I've paid attention to the young woman who has spent years getting her education and establishing her career and supporting her husband as he works through earning his degree and begins a career and feels like her timeline is ready for another hash-mark that is motherhood.  I've observed a young mother with a month's-old newborn who is coping.  She is absorbing as much as she can from that sweet little fellow's out-loud-laughs and sweet, slobbery kisses while she is also fighting delirium from the loss of sleep waking her each night for his feeding.  I observe the young mothers with whom I work or those in my own family who are establishing a household, keeping a business going, and nurturing older family members while at the same time changing diapers or potty-training, racing to beat the school-bell, monitoring homework or sibling scuffles, taxi-ing to dance or ball practice, and keeping business going at the same time.  I search the mothers around me of tweens and teens and the attitudes, sibling arguments, coming-of-age-maturity pains with which they are dealing.  I search the women who are my ancestors dealing with health issues and coping with alone-ness and carrying on.  I search my peers and see that they, too, are establishing their place as grandmothers and supportive mothers of adults and figuring out their purpose at this stage as they try to catch their breath from the previous scurrying of raising those adult-children.

In my search for wisdom this week, I also stumbled upon Some Things I Learned About Being A Mom by Sarah, who blogs over at Clover Lane.  She lists five different things she has learned which are valuable and true and heart-touching but perhaps the most profound one is that she has grown right along with her children and each teaches her something new.

I also took in the wise words of Maria Shriver this morning in her I've Been Thinking post and really relate to the concept that mothers are a towering presence in the lives of others.  We tower literally and figuratively at all stages and ages along the journey of life.  Whether we have given birth or adopted and mothered children or not, as women we are still role models for others - we might be the model of what one wishes to be at the same time we are the model of what one hopes never to be.  The wisdom I've searched for and gathered in to myself is that either one is quite alright - mainly because at any given moment along this journey we could possibly be both at the very same time.  Most importantly, for the sanity of all of us is that we all need to find joy in the journey.  Each step along the way has its tribulations but also along the way are loads and loads of joy and, as mothers, that is what we should be searching for all along the journey with all of our heart.

I wish you the best in your searches along the way and a Happy Mother's Day as well!
By the way, you can find this free printable, more printables, and lots more wisdom with Ann On Sutton Place.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

What I did during spring break

It has been almost a month since I had time off for spring break but I thought I'd share a couple of the things I did with my time off.  For most of one afternoon I used Mike's ATV and tried to help him out a bit.

He had plowed up a new area back behind one of our barns and there were several pretty good sized rocks which were unearthed.  So, I pulled the ATV up there and loaded the rocks.  Then, I hauled them down to the driveway where there is a gigantor pothole created by a wet weather spring that drains down there.  They went into the hole and inspired me to pick up more rocks to help fill in the hole.  So, I made three or four trips up into one of the lots behind the barn where some dozier work had been done and filled the bed of the ATV, hauled the rocks down, and dumped them into the pothole.  

At the end of the day I realized that there were going to be several more days working on this project.  Whew!  My aching back and arms!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

In A Funk

I've been chastised more than once this week because I have been neglecting my blog and haven't been posting like I should.  Well, I have a confession to make.

I've been in a funk.

I'm probably always my own worst critic - well, except sometimes members of my family will step up and relieve me of that duty.  So, when I feel like the critics have taken over my life, I just dip into a funk.

I've had things to work on in my personal life.  I've had things to work on in my professional life.  There really hasn't been a haven for me.  So, I fell into a funk.  Perhaps the post I created for my teacher blog will better explain a little piece of the funky pie.  So, if you are interested, hop over there and see what has been going on.

Please know that I am still here surrounded by my Blue and putting one foot in front of the other.  I may be singing the blues but I'm here and working through the funk in hopes that there is sunshine on the other side.

Hope you are experiencing sunshine and fresh spring breees!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Done With It!

After Saturday's snowfall, I'm done with winter.  I'm tired of grey days - grey skies, grey trees, grey-brown ground, grey weather.  I'm ready for some green.

I'm ready for flowers.  I'm ready for steadily warm days.

I know, I know.  We hardly had any real winter weather at all this year.  I think I only had frost on the windshield a few more than a hand-full of mornings.  But, I'm done with winter.  

I erased the Let it Snow message Sunday morning and began searching for inspiration to replace it.  I looked for something more spring-like.  

I liked the oval shape of this design and decided to do my best to replicate it so I could leave the sentiment up for a while.  So, this one isn't really all that springy but it is positive and that is something I really need to be reminded of these days, it seems.

For one of my other chalkboards, I decided to go all-out-spring.  I wanted it to be simple but I also wanted it to be seasonal.  I found this design online and decided to give it a spin.  I just rolled with a simple piece of white chalk and began to draw free-hand.  It suits me fine but I've decided that before the next time I start with my inspirations, I think I will get a yardstick or a ruler and do a bit of measuring and marking to be more precise.

With this one, I figured the cute little eggs at the bottom would be easy to erase and replace with some sketched tulips or daisies after we celebrate Easter and won't require a radical re-do for me.  So, two chalkboards springed up and one left to go!

I also dug around and found my little grapevine wreaths that have the pastel eggs attached and hung them on the back doors.  Of course, my pinecone garland is still swagged over the French doors coming into the kitchen.  So, right now I've got a bit of a mixed seasonal message, I guess.  I'll get there sometime this week even though the weather is predicted to still be a bit chilly.  Now that we have sprung forward with the time change, I'll have a bit of time in the afternoon to do some chores in the daylight and maybe I can transfer over to full-blown springtime decor!