If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mom's Flower Therapy

While we were at Mom's last weekend, I wandered round noticing how so many of her flowers were at the height of their blooms.  Here is the little spot wherre she had sent me a quick shot last week and I used the waterlogue app on it.
Some of the peonies were starting to fade but they were still full and glowing alongside some Dutch Iris, two-toned Iris, and Knock-out Roses.
On the other side of the gate are a few soft pink peonies mixed in and the vision is just too beautiful to me with all three of my favorite colors of flowers growing in abundance.
This pretty Iris partner set was growing along the side fence near the red house (a storage shed).
With the plank fence and the tool shed as a backdrop, her Red Hot Poker bloms were certainly warming up the side yard as well.  Look at that yellow Iris that was also a ray of sunshine.
Just a couple of days before there was a soft blue Iris that was mingled amongst these warm flowers and a bloom or two can still be seen in the background.
On around the corner of the carport were several Poppies.  They were so heavy with blooms that some had tipped over onto the ground but this frilly lady and her companion pod looks like a seed packet advertisement to me.
The original seeds for these Poppies came from my grandmother and Mom has kept them perpetually re-seeding and growing year-after-year.
Their frilly blossoms look like happiness and brilliance to me!
Mom's roses are starting their first full blooms and this one is one of my favorites.  I love pink flowers and the different shades that this rose holds looks like perfection to me.
These Knock-out Roses brighten up the picket fence that surrounds the heating and cooling unit and they have Day Lilies that grow as a skirt around them.  The Day Lilies haven't started blooming as yet but when they do a bit later in the summer, the whole area is alive with color.
At the gate-post she also has some Coral Bells and they were full of blooms.  Their soft feather stalks of blooms looked beautiful with the peony backdrop.
Mom's therapy has always been to dig in the dirt and nurture her flowers.  She grows perinnials so that she doesn't have to replenish her beds each year and can just mulch where needed, deadhead, and also has flowers to share with family and friends.
I think here years of hard work have paid off in many ways - she's grown a peaceful hobby that brings her and others lots of joy!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Last weekend was a wonderfully relaxing celebration of Mother's Day!

On Saturday, we went over to Mom's to cut grass.

One of these guys did quite a bit of cutting but he also took a little time to let the other guy drive the mower on a tour around the flatter parts.

Of course you have to wear the headphone/radio when you are driving the mower.

Then, on Sunday, we went back to Mom's.  Mike did a little bush-hogging of a pasture and I did some playing with the grands.

There was a bit of softball practice for the older girls.

It was really warm and we took some breaks for cool refreshing drinks of water.  Water is of natural interest for little folks and having a couple of bottles with water provided more than an hour of entertainment for little Luci.  She liked sipping a little, pouring the water between bottles, and pouring a bit down the front of her shirt.  Cheap, easy, clean entertainment for a little one on a hot day.

Then, on Tuesday Levi and Easton came by our house and spent an hour or so romping and playing with me on the back porch.  Of course, I was having so much fun that I never went inside and got the camera.  Big fail on my part.  We did have loads of fun, though!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Here is a wish from my mother's beautiful roses to you by way of my waterlogue app!

(This is  a zoom of  the actual photo.)

Hope you and your mother have a wonderful day together.  
I fully intend to enjoy some time with mine!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stalking the Neighbors

I've been stalking the blue birds who have nested in the decorative birdhouse on our back porch.  I want to capture a photo of them as they flitter and flutter in and out from their nest.  They are a bit too wise for me and recognize that I'm sitting out there armed with my camera.  So, they avoid me and stay away from their nest when I'm sitting as still as possible out there.
In my stalking yesterday I gave up on my little blue friends and aimed my camera out toward the feeders where I captured a sweet little friend perched atop the shepherd's hook holding one of the feeders.
I also captured my knock-out rose as it was bursting into bloom and my hosta as it was spreading it's pretty blue-green foliage.
They were beautiful from every angle and my little ceramic bunny thought so, too.  I also saw something else peeking it's head out and preparing to burst into bloom.
The peonies are just about ready to show their fluttery faces.
The false indigo has a few pretty blue blossoms starting to burst onto the scene.
This succulent, my hens-and-chicks, is showing off lots of cute little chicks.

So, my stalking continues...

Monday, May 2, 2016

When life gives you rain...

April has come and gone but it hasn't really measured up like past springtimes.  We are a bit dry around here.  So dry that there are large cracks in the dusty ground and in some places the grass is a bit crunchy.

It seems that everybody hasn't had the same weather pattern as us.  In fact, this past week our son and his family who live west of here by a couple of hours have had rain every afternoon.

Boy, has that been a good thing for their newly planted garden!

Boy, has that been a good thing for their newly established lawn!

Boy, has that been a good thing for this boy!
Just look at that face!  His dad sent me this photo along with the caption...
"When life gives you rain, stomp the puddles!"

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Big Fish Story

We had a relaxing Saturday.  It was a wee bit damp early on but the clouds cleared a bit and we enjoyed a partly cloudy day.  The greatest part about it all is that we jus suspended most all work and relaxed and enjoyed the day.

I spent the morning reading but Mike loaded up his gear, grabbed a plastic tub of worms, and set off to the waterside for some fishing.  I think he may have enjoyed his morning.
He brought home a cooler with a handful of fish.  One of which surprised him and, frankly, tickled him pink.  Yet, it wasn't just a big fish story.
The average fish he usually catches is much more like the two at the top of these photos.  They turn out delicious after he has dredged them through some corn meal and fried them up golden alongside some hush puppies.
Mike enjoys catching each and every fish which is snagged on the line at the end of his pole.  But this big fellow did tickle him a little bit more than the others.
It tickled him enough to show the big fellow off to our son, Stephen.  Stephen's reaction tickled Mike a bit as well.  Mike chuckled as he told me that Stephen had said, "It's a good thing you brought that fish by to show me, Dad, because I would never have believed you if I hadn't seen him!"
Since Mike couldn't trek all over the place to show off this big fellow - like over to our son, Bryan's, house - he did the next best thing.  He had me grab my camera and he got a measuring tape to do a little big fish bragging!  I'm just thinking he will be tasty with some hush puppies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reading as a Pastime

Children tend to play showing what they learn.  I loved getting this picture from Bridgette for so many reasons.  It shows me so many things.

  1. Like most children, Luci is looking forward to the day when she can read.
  2. Luci is read to by her parents and sisters - a lot!
  3. She finds magic in books and wants to share that magic.
  4. She is listening and remembering and that is the first step toward learning to read.
  5. She already understands the concepts of print - reading front to back, direction to hold the book for reading, etc.
What made this photo even sweeter is that Bridgette said she was parroting words she remembered from the book being read to her.  The book is based upon the nursery rhyme, Little Boy Blue.  So, she started off with, "Little boy blue come blow your horn..."  Then progressed to something that was not quite accurate but certainly something to which she can relate when she said, "The cows are in the popcorn."  

Love it!  I wonder if Lydia's baby enjoyed the session as much as I did?