If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Overnight Guest

Mike and I recently had an overnight guest.  Well, really, Toby recently had an overnight guest because he is the one who spent the most time with her.  He is the one who seemed to be joined at the hip to her.  He is the one who treated her with the most honor.
Making a nest...
Sorry for the small photos but Mike took these with his cell phone from across the room so as not to disturb all the important bonding and nesting that was going on over there.  From the time Lydia walked in the door till the moment we walked out the back door to meet her mother, Toby was her faithful companion.
In these pictures, Lydia was reading a selection of poetry to Mike and me when we weren't engrossed in television.  She had positioned her pillows...just so.  She had situated her coverlet...just so.  Toby had also draped himself at her feet...just so.
Every now and then she would have to pet on him and talk to him in a sugary voice.  Saying, "Your a good boy aren't you Toby, buddy?"
Then, she could sit back engrossed in her reading and the television program being broadcast.  She was very business-like. 
We loved having her stay with us for a couple of days and nights...almost as much as her buddy, Toby!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Softball Season means Summer!

Three of our granddaughters are playing softball!  I love children's sports.  It shows their personalities in a way that nothing else can.  Lillie's first game was this past Thursday evening.  So, while softball signifies summer, the shivery temperatures didn't really reflect that.  You can see it by the additions to her uniform.
Don't you just love the fun socks?

She looks intimidating in that on-deck circle doesn't she?  Well, she is a pretty good hitter!  Her fielding somehow doesn't seem quite so intimidating...
That's her right in the center of the photo.
She plays somewhere that I'd call right-center field.  Play is rather a general term, though.  Notice her stance? 
She is generally the first one out of the dugout and races to her fielding position.
She is eager to get there to be ready for all the fun.  She wants to be ready for action.  She doesn't want to miss a second of action...
That action is starting.  Look closely...
See the spray of dirt just off her left foot?  That is THE action for her.  The majority of her outfield time is spent doing just that...
...kicking up the dirt!
She goes at it with such passion.  Her attention is riveted.  (Notice the other folks in the photo..one of the coaches, the umpire...)  Concentration is key.
Focus is important!
Effort is valuable.  Energy is expended.  Talent is being developed.  Skill is being improved.
Now, when she is at bat, things look a little different.  Sorry for the blurry photo but it is tough on an old woman to squat and stick the lens through the fence wire and hold still and focus the camera.  She did get a couple of good hits, though.
Bridgette is the Dugout Mom.
Now, that is where the REAL action is found.  Lots of cheering.  Getting face guards organized.  Keeping gloves with each girl's face guard.  Making sure each girl gets her own batting helmet on.  Lining up the batters in the prescribed order.  Having the correct batter at the plate.  Seeing that the next batter is in the on-deck circle.  Getting the bat after the batter gets on or heads to the dugout.  Watching the other team's batting order.  Making sure every girl gets her face guard and glove back on properly before heading back to the field.  Helping the catcher suit up and then remove the guards for her to bat.  All this and listening to the coach, the girls cheering, and watching the game.  What a fun night at the ballpark it is for her! 

I liked every part of my big evening at the ball park.  The game, the hot dog, the cheese fries, the sticky fingers of my fellow spectator, Lydia.  One of the things I also liked was this sign:
Don't you think it should be posted everywhere for every sport?