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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Parade of Homes

The Middle Tennessee Home Builders' Parade of Homes is right in my back yard this year!
Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.
English Country Revival from Landmark Homes

The Parade is not REALLY in my back yard.
The Oxford by Regent Homes

Actually, it is closer to being in my front-side yard.
Rustic Tudor - the Bentley from Regent Homes

You see it is showcasing homes about four miles right down the road from me in my own little small town.
Sophisticated Cottage from Arnold Homes

It seems like the Parade of Homes might have been showcasing the year of the ceiling to me.
There was this one that seemed to be reclaimed wood and stenciled.
There was this one that was tongue and groove with a coffered effect, too.  Plus, notice that brick arch outlining the nice niche with a beautiful painting and gorgeous lamps.  (Yea, I did do a bit of a swoon.)  This was right inside the front door of one of the homes.
There was also this one which was quite simple but also featured an arched doorway, wide crown molding, and an interesting pattern created by a beautiful metal light fixture in oil-rubbed-bronze.
Then, there was this beautiful tray ceiling with a metallic paint color that was gracing a room backed up by a brick wall that had a beautiful archway and delicious crown molding, too.
This one was exquisite with coffers and natural wood beams in the tray area and a complementary paint above the crown molding on the lower part.
This one was fabulous on a porch with a fireplace.  I would love to be out there with a stack of magazines, some munchy snacks, something steamy to drink, and SEC Football playing on the TV today!
This one was almost my favorite.  I loved the tray shape.  I loved the reclaimed wood.  I loved the variation of the planks with the darker X planks.  I loved the sparkly chandelier.  Yep, I swooned.  Then, I walked out onto this porch and saw this one.
Again, a great place for this SEC Football weekend.  Great fireplace.  Beautiful light fixture.  But, that reclaimed tin ceiling.  Ah...

Made me think of the old barn at my parents' home that recently was cleared away.  Wouldn't that have been a great way to salvage a bit of history?  Since it was outside and in a protected area, it would have been protected.  It not only would have been a great way to bring the past and its memories into the present, but it would also shelter all the new memories as they are being made.  Why didn't I see that before all that old tin was hauled away?  Oh well, maybe the next old barn...

Hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the ceilings of the Middle Tennessee Homebuilders' Parade of Homes at Sherwood Green.  I'm proud to know such dwellings of beauty are right here in my neck of the woods.  Check them out and if you move into the area, give me a shout and we will lounge around on a Saturday morning with some munchy snacks, something steamy to drink, and SEC Football playing on the TV.  One of my favorite ways to spend a fall weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

We are glad to have you as the mother of our eldest grandson!
We are thrilled to have you as our daughter!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Wedding In The Family

A couple of weeks ago our niece got married.  It was a beautiful on-the-farm affair.  I took a stroll with my camera at about lunch time and snapped a few photos.
The hill around my mother-in-law's house was a-buzz with folks setting up and getting ready for the big event.  There were folks working in the garage to prepare the meal for the reception.
Our friend, Jackie, was stirring up pot after pot of pasta and making macaroni and cheese to go along with the bar-b-que, baked beans, potato salad, and slaw.

There were folks working just outside the garage and in the driveway setting up for the reception.
There were folks working in the front yard setting up for the ceremony.
Both of the nephews were working hard to get all the tables set up and positioned in just the right spot to suit their baby sister's dreams.
Even the children had duties and jobs to do.
There was a multiplicity of floral arrangements.  Most were a combination of hydrangeas, pink roses, eucalyptus, Queen Anne's lace, and such arranged in a quart canning jar accented with a raffia bow.
There were also several fall arrangements with sunflowers, lilies, broom corn, and various other natural flowers that were combined in a pumpkin.
The pumpkin floral arrangements graced the front porch, the front flower beds, and the front steps.
The colors of the season showed on the hillsides as well.
The center of the arch where the ceremony would take place was constructed of three sturdy hardwood posts.  It was wrapped with yards and yards of white fabric and topped with a spray of greens and a burlap and lace bow.
At the base of each post was a milk can filled with flowers.
Down the center aisle, to mark each row were lanterns adorned with a raffia bow alternating with a shepherd's hook holding a canning jar full of flowers adorned with a raffia bow.
An orange feed bucket and a milk can filled with flowers marked the end of the aisles.
Guests were encouraged to choose a seat.
At the farm entrance, folks were directed toward the parking area and encouraged to join the wedding and dancin' at the top of the hill.
A beautiful piece of furniture held photos of relatives who were smiling down from heaven.  Other beautiful antique chests also held photos from the past.
This is the look of a wedding farm table!
Burlap and ruffles made the delicious cake look beautiful and it was topped in true southern fashion - with the monogram of the bride and groom.
Jars of utensils sat at the ready for cake and a delicious meal.
A galvanized tub was to hold drinks to whet a thirsty whistle.
Drink dispensers of lemon water were chilled and ready as well.
Even the bar combined the rustic with the elegant.
Another hand-crafted chalkboard explained why.
Yard after yard of burlap was used to add a rustic, farm-like feel to the elegant white tables.
Candles and canning jars of flowers added elegance at a down-to-earth level as well.
The gift table combined the same elements of country-rustic and elegant-class.
One of my favorite center-pieces was on the buffet table.  It was a miniature milk can filled with beautiful, elegant, fragrant flowers and greenery.
The decor truly showed the farm roots of the bride and groom and the elegance of the occasion.
Guests signed the porch swing that served as the guest register.
It was photo time for the bride and groom and I don't think she has ever looked more beautiful!
I think my favorite sister-in-law has rarely looked more beautiful either.  Even if she was having to do a re-touch as a result of the heat of the day.
Julie and her lace-covered dress were gorgeous from every angle.
Doug looked pretty spiffy as well.  I loved that I caught this contemplative moment.
This one was pretty special as well.

Isn't that the look of a glowing bride?
Showing off personality from the top of her head to the tip of her toes!
The fact that the Volunteers were playing Georgia certainly had a couple of us distracted but Dough certainly showed his colors!
My brother-in-law came for the photo shoot, too.  The look on his face sort of shows that he will be giving his baby girl over to the care of her husband, doesn't it?
He was full of smiles and stepped up to the occasion when the time came, though.
I love this beautiful and serious moment as well.
The ceremony came off without a hitch and even several chuckles were enjoyed.
Julie's twin nephews preceded her down the aisle and carried a message for the crowd.
I think the two of them must have danced the night away, too!
The two youngest members of our family may not have been big on the dance floor, but they did clock several miles wandering round and checking everything out when their mothers didn't have them corralled.
After the ceremony, the wedding party was introduced and they formed an arch for the bride and groom's entrance to the reception.
The serious part of the evening was definitely over and the fun began!
I'm sure that the evening may have seemed aswirl for our niece, my sister-in-law, and their entire family at times.  But it was a beautiful afternoon and evening and I think everybody had a big ole' time!
We hope she lives the rest of her married life with most of the days finding her just as happy as she was at that moment!