If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few Things About My Mother

My husband teases (at least I choose to think it is teasing and not criticism) me that I am a Daddy's Girl and, for the most part, I guess I am.  That certainly doesn't mean that my exceptional mother hasn't been impactful in my life.  She is truly a gem and one that is without compare.

She has taught me more than I could ever capture with words.  Most importantly, she modeled even more lessons. 

One of the things I've learned from her is that children are precious gifts.  I know that there were days when I wondered if I'd survive - or would threaten not to let them do so!  Yet, I do look at the two children I gave birth to as precious gifts.  They both came and spent time with me yesterday and it was confirmed that they now are worth all the sleepless nights they gifted me with when they were babies.  I am grateful for the opportunity to pick up after, wash clothes for, clean up after, cook and feed, scrimp and save to buy for, and sacrifice myself in simple little ways in order for them to be able to have and do.  I appreciate all the running here and there and scheduling my life around practices, performances, ball games, and lessons.  I'm glad for all the chances to read books  before bedtime and chances to read books while waiting for them to come home.  I treasure the hours I spent sewing beautiful clothes so that they would be cute, their attractiveness would be enhanced, and they would look presentable, if not trendy.  Without these opportunities and chances to mother my children, I could never appreciate them as adults now, I know.  Yet, I learned to provide these things by following the model given to me as a gift by my own precious mother. 

The concept that children are precious gifts certainly has been extended for me.  How lucky I am to now have the bonus children given to me through marriage with my husband.  Stephen and Laura have been precious gifts as well.  They treat me with respect and are friends to me even when they don't have to be and probably even when they don't want to be! 

Plus, I'm lucky enough to have children-in-law. 

Corey, Jessica, and Bonnie are more than just our children's spouses; they are also close friends who know and understand the quirkiness of our family and love us in spite of it.  They love those children I have been given as precious gifts and care for them in ways that nobody else on earth ever could.  I embrace them just like my mother has done with her extended family - always treat them with love and respect and appreciation because they CHOSE to be a part of this family.  Love them because they love your children.

I guess the most precious gift of children is probably grandchildren.  Truly, they make the struggles and strife we had with their parents worthwile!  I love spoiling them and cuddling with them and doing simple things with them and simply sitting back and watching them do.  They can say the funniest things and sometimes the wisest things, too.  My mother defined the meaning of a grandmother when my children were little ones and I only hope that someday my grandchildren think half as much of me as my children do my mother.

How lucky and grateful I am to have the mother I do.  My sister and I didn't get to choose her but God sure looked out for us and chose her for us.  She taught me to be the woman I am.  She taught me to be a better woman than I am!  I hope one day I can grow up and be the woman she would want me to be.

I wonder how she knows to be such a priceless treasure?  Perhaps she learned from her mother...