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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Mike's nephew, Jay, and his wife, Jessica, and two sons (Jayme and Forest) are expecting an addition to their family soon.  Twins! 

So, our daughters and I are planning a baby shower for them to be held here next Sunday afternoon.  Here is a preview of what we are gathering together:


We are trying to keep the menu pretty simple and feature finger foods.  Brownie muffins, iced cookies, cream cheese squares, chicken salad croissants, pretzels, cheese spread and crackers, apples and dip, crudites, and tea punch. 

Since Jessica and Jay are decorating the babies' room using a sage green and chocolate brown color scheme, we decided to incorporate that into our shower and utilize the traditional baby blue as well. 

brownie toppers

Of course the menu will include chocolate!  After all, one of the colors is chocolate brown.  No, really, it has NOTHING to do with my own addiction obsession love affection for this sweet treat. 

Our take on this inspiration picture will be white chocolate covered Oreos with green drizzled icing.
We are also planning to get some chocolate covered cookies and add polka-dots with blue icing.

Yesterday, I trekked off to Hobby Lobby and picked up some ribbon and trinkets to use for decorating.

Bridgette and Jessica are also planning things like a garland of onesies and hats to string across the mantle, a cake made of diapers, and storks with bundles for door hangings.

I got polka-dot balloons and some tulle ribbon to use on our fence to guide people to the party.

A trip to Big Lots and KMart caused me to pick up more cute supplies for a table centerpiece.

I've got a little crafting to do this afternoon to get a couple of projects under way for our soiree.  Planning the party is almost as exciting as anticipating two new little boys to squeeze!

I'll try to remember to take pictures next week so you can see how all of this and the contributions from the girls came together.  Plus, I know you are wanting to see the cute mom and her bump.