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Friday, April 6, 2012


I have been on spring break this week and the weather has been gorgeous.  So, Mike and I worked together to get our garden started.  I know it is a bit early and we have taken a chance, but spring fever has just taken over!

First, we planted potatoes.  Even though we have never had success with this, we are giving it a strong try. 

Then, Mike tilled up some new ground - a place where he had some vegetables when he first moved here and claims the best tomatoes ever grown came from that little plot.  The good thing about this new-to-me plot is that it will have shade late in the evening!
The first row of our garden.

We have bell peppers, a couple of banana peppers, cabbage, and broccoli in the ground!  The above shot shows the 'special formula' Mike has me use to get things started.  I cannot reveal much more than that but each spring since we have gardened together our plants have gotten a pretty good start in spite of weather threats like flooding, drought, etc.  So, I am not going to question his wisdom!
Sweet Bell Peppers



Finished Row

I worry about having to fight grassy weeds all summer, but Mike assures me that he has a secret potion trick plan and that won't be a problem.  Stay tuned.