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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Overnight Guest

Mike and I recently had an overnight guest.  Well, really, Toby recently had an overnight guest because he is the one who spent the most time with her.  He is the one who seemed to be joined at the hip to her.  He is the one who treated her with the most honor.
Making a nest...
Sorry for the small photos but Mike took these with his cell phone from across the room so as not to disturb all the important bonding and nesting that was going on over there.  From the time Lydia walked in the door till the moment we walked out the back door to meet her mother, Toby was her faithful companion.
In these pictures, Lydia was reading a selection of poetry to Mike and me when we weren't engrossed in television.  She had positioned her pillows...just so.  She had situated her coverlet...just so.  Toby had also draped himself at her feet...just so.
Every now and then she would have to pet on him and talk to him in a sugary voice.  Saying, "Your a good boy aren't you Toby, buddy?"
Then, she could sit back engrossed in her reading and the television program being broadcast.  She was very business-like. 
We loved having her stay with us for a couple of days and nights...almost as much as her buddy, Toby!

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