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Monday, December 30, 2013

Break for the Yuckiness

As you can tell, I have taken a break from posting here at Out of The Blue.

Mike's doctor decided to treat his leg which had cellulitis much more aggressively and sent him to a dermatologist.  Then, she sent him to a surgeon.  The surgeon treated the leg with a compression wrap to try to bring the swelling, redness and general infection under control.  The wrap and elevating/not working on the leg cleared the swelling out.  (However, we both came down with Flu Type A that weekend and that set back treatment for a week.)  Next, the surgeon took a biopsy of this place that looked to me like an out-of-control bug bite.  What an experience!

First, the nurse came in to administer a local anesthetic...

Having a weak stomach, I knew I shouldn't watch.  So, I closed my eyes.  However...

I opened them just a fraction of time too soon...enough time to see her stab Mike's leg three more times with a needle and little blood trickles start from each stabbing.

I swallowed really hard, closed my eyes, and tried to think of something more pleasant because I have always had a pretty touchy stomach when there is blood involved.

Next, in breezes the doctor with a razor blade looking thingy.  Again, I averted my eyes.  Yet, when the doctor said, "There you go... Tina, can you now do your magic?"  well, I thought the coast was clear.

It wasn't.  I opened my eyes just in time to see the doctor drop a long slice of something into a little bottle and add some liquid.  E-E-E-Y-E-U-W!

That wasn't the worst of it, though...

Tina's "magic" was to take some little dentist looking, wand-like, thingy and cauterize the entire half-dollar-sized place where the doctor had wielded the razor looking thingy.

That sound.

That smell.

Double E-E-E-Y-E-U-W!

Mike only made it worse when he asked me didn't I think that odor was a lot like the smell of dehorning calves.

I guess he didn't realize that when Daddy had that job on the agenda, I always tried to help.  I always started out strong and useful.  Then, about three or four calves into the job, I was over to the side puking or passed out.

I barely made it out of Mike's treatment room and across the hall to the bathroom.

The flu's lingering cough still has a grip on the two of us.  Plus, I have had a sinus infection thrown in there as well.  So, nobody wanted me to share anything that has been going on around here for the past month.

I hope things are looking up and I will be posting something positive and un-yucky soon!