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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hunting Eggs

It is an Easter tradition for the adults to hide the eggs in the front yard while the kids wait on the other side of the house.

Then, there is the getting ready part just before the hunt.

The anticipation is sometimes hard for the little fellows to bear.

And then they are off and running to scoop up the treasures!

Mike's family Easter Sunday gathering was no different.

We are very traditional southern around here.

There were eggs hidden in the tall daffodils.

There were eggs hidden in the shrubbery around the porch.

The cousin's grands, Jack and Jude joined our grands, Lillie and Lydia.

Sometimes the big kids - second graders - hunted together.

Sometimes the littles - kindergartener and pre-K - were together.

There was running to and fro to find the ones hidden in tree roots and those just nestled in the grass.

Certainly, nobody left empty-handed.

There were plenty to be found by all.

They looked high and low.

The adults supervised.

Well, I guess that is what the adults were doing...maybe they were sort of herding.

Finally, the eggs all were hunted down and gathered.

There must have been a couple of hundred eggs in all.

Everybody had to check out their loot.

Somebody was thrilled to find the aluminum foil covered prize egg.

Then, got even more excited when she found out there was five bucks inside!

The spectators took it all in from their perch on the edge of the front porch.

Well, one little spectator checked it out from her stroller.

Mrs. Peg made sure that even those who didn't find the big prize egg got a little financial reward.

And she got a bit of a reward, herself.

I dare say the big egg hunt was loads of fun for everybody around.  Memories were made and the children are already looking forward to next year!