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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Feeling Special

Isn't it nice that on your birthday folks will do things to make you feel special?
Sweet Willow Tree figurine from Harris and his folks

This year I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday for several days.
Practically speaking from Mike

I guess when you turn 57 it takes longer to get all that celebrating done.
Cute and fun chalkboard from Levi, Easton, and their folks

The children and Mom met me at a local diner on Saturday evening for dinner and we celebrated with burgers and fries and delicious custard and all the grandchildren and laughter and talking and catching up.
Welcome sign handcrafted from Bridgette and her crew

Then, on Sunday, Mike took me out for a nice luncheon where we shared part of an appetizer and each got a big entree and I got a salad and he got veggies and we waddled to the truck with a take-out box of leftovers that we ate the next day for lunch.
Cute pallet sign with sentiment handcrafted by Bridgette and her crew

On Monday, the girls of my secondary team of coaches shared good wishes and sweet treats of brownies and cupcakes and lemon bars.
Front of Lydia's card

Hand-crafted cards with illustrations from Lillie and Lydia that were hand delivered to me still brighten my kitchen.
Inside of Lydia's card - love the verse

Hand-crafted cards with thoughtful sentiments.
Beautiful illustrations by Lydia

Cards and money from Mama and Mrs. O were delivered and appreciated.  (Maybe I should have shown a picture of my new truck tires.)
Front of personalized card by Lillie

A couple of cards from sweet aunts came in the mail.
Lillie's specialty illustration on the back of her card

Loads of best wishes were posted for days on Facebook.
Sweet and literary sentiment inside Lillie's card

Finally, on Friday the elementary team of coaches shared sausage balls and fruit and good cheer.

This post features some of the special gifts bestowed upon me in honor of my birthday.  I'm looking forward to a cheerful year ahead enjoying each of them.