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Monday, January 2, 2017

Chalkboard Art - Keep It Simple!

I guess I'm a bit late to the chalkboard craze that is all over decorating.  I've liked it but I would think about the dust from the chalk and the dust I already have in my house and I just shied away from it.

I've admired it from afar.

I've pinned it to different boards.

I've even printed out small printables that look like it.

I put an easel chalkboard on my wish list and thought about places where I might set it.

Then, I got a chalkboard for my birthday and I realized what fun and creativity can be expressed.  I drew a design for Thanksgiving.  I drew a design for Christmas.  It was small scale.  It was simple.  It was fun.

A simple winter design on my chalkboard

I got the easel on my wish list.  My daughter, Bridgette, crafted it from pallets and plywood.  When I got it, she had sketched a message on it...
Simple Christmas greeting

A design on both sides.
Doesn't Toby look impressed?

Planning to do absolutely nothing on New Year's Day just to celebrate making it through one more year, I decided that chalkboard art was next to doing nothing and would be creative and fulfilling and fun.

I learned a few things.

Keep it simple.

It takes a good bit of chalk to make those fancy designs one sees out there in creative Pinterest and blogland.

I have big ideas.

Keep it simple.

My ideas are sometimes bigger than my creative drawing space.

Chalk drawing is forgiving and allows for erasure and do-overs.  (Thank goodness!)

Keep it simple.

I was right about all the dust created when crafting chalkboard art.

The letter S and the letter D are difficult to draw with dimension.  Heck! Any letter can be difficult to draw with dimension!

Remember to keep it simple.

Chalk is flaky and crumbly.

Going back to the drawing board can be more than just a saying.

Just because an inspiration drawing looks simple doesn't mean it really is all that simple.
My larger winter design - not quite as simple

Sometimes the inspiration piece is just that - inspiration.  That doesn't mean the end result will be an exact match.

While chalkboard art is creative and can be satisfying, it isn't always relaxing and pleasing to the creative soul.

Most importantly, I learned...

Keep it simple, stupid!