If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Into the Unknown - It makes me wonder...

I'm always encouraging other folks to write and publish.  That is my job.  That is my belief.  I never hesitate to participate in the former - jump at every opportunity and always go overboard.  Then, there is the latter.  I'm not so good at that.  I've nudged myself forward and decided that it is time I take action.  So, here I am publishing... 

This form of publishing is an unknown realm for me.  I hope I can adapt to it quickly and fall into an easy routine of it.  If not, all this prep work to make things look appealing and reflect me as a person will have been in vain.  Who knew that a person had so many choices when it comes to a simple post?  The background, the fonts for titles, headings, posts, and so much more have a multiplicity of choices for customization and creating a space that is uniquely a portrait of me.  I aspire to have a space which looks like some of my favorite online bloggers's but I've got to learn how to insert pictures and when to change fonts and what fonts express which mood and all sorts of ins-and-outs of this medium.  I've also got to decide whether to allow interaction from the outside world and this prompts me to wonder why anybody would ever want to read or see what I have posted - even my family tries to ignore me sometimes and rightfully so.  It seems I fear the unknown the most and here I am taking a leap into the unknown and hoping for the best.

I love Saturdays!  There is a whole new attitude about life on Saturday.  It can be the relaxing end to a hectic week or the gearing up for a week ahead.  It is a pause in my life when I can step outside the everyday shoes of wife, teacher, daughter, mother, grandmother and just go barefoot.  I can lie abed late that morning or stay up late that night and rarely is anybody's schedule going to be impacted.  If somebody took Saturdays away from me, I probably would be grumpier - even grumpier than I was yesterday and that is pretty gruesome.  I NEED this time to stop and let all the things I've been chasing get out of sight and all the things which I'm running from pass me by. 

The only thing that has been wrong with this Saturday is that I didn't get to share that luxurious time with Mike.  Bless his heart and tired bones.  He had to go to work.  I hate he's had to miss this and I really miss his company.  He needs at least a month of Saturdays in his life and deserves even more.  I wonder when he is going to get such a luxurious indulgence and hope it is soon.