If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Adventure

Being a newlywed, there are lots of things that Mike and I haven't done together yet.  This afternoon was probably a test.  We joined forces to put together an exercise bicycle.  (No, we aren't beginning to train for the Tour de France!  Do you think we have really lost our minds?)  You know, the whole experience really worked out lovely.  Maybe it was because Mike didn't have his glasses and was relying on me to read the directions - yes, he actually went along with following the directions!  Or, maybe it was because it was really an easy project for us to take on together. 

I must admit that when I saw that box sitting there, I did wonder how long it would take us to assemble it.  When I began to lay out all the metal tubes and angled parts, I wondered whether there was going to be elevated voices.  When I began sorting all the different nuts and bolts and washers, I wondered if there would be tools flying through the air and stitches.  You know, though, we really are a good team. 

I realize it is kind of an age-old joke that couples shouldn't try to assemble something together if the relationship is to be preserved.  As it turned out, Mike was glad to hold parts and let me use the wrenches at times feeding my power-hungry independent soul.  I was more than glad to let him use that little hex wrench thingy and turn the little short chops to tighten the hex bolts in the tight spots, too.  So, it went together smoothly and no animals, tools, or buildings were harmed during the assembly. 

In all seriousness, at one point I caught myself watching his hands at work and noticing the wedding band on his finger.  I thought to myself, "How can I be so lucky to have this man as my own?"  You know, I catch myself noticing that ring hugging his finger pretty often.  I notice it when his left hand is gripping the arm of the chair, when he is holding the steering wheel, when he rubs his hand across his whiskered cheek, and, well, just lots of times.  It is really amazing to me what that little twinkling circle means to me and I wonder if he has any idea how important he is to me and how flattered I am that he wears that ring as a symbol of our love and his commitment to me.