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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Summer Wreaths

I think I love every seasonal change!  Now, adjusting to the changing seasons... I'm not so good at that. 

It has turned pretty warm here and I have begun to get into that summer state of mind.  I rush home from work and shorts and T-shirts are my afternoon attire.  I NEED to be outside in the sunshine and puttering with some plants! 

After packing away the bunnies and colored-egg-wreaths which were hanging on the door, my back doors have seemed bare, naked, lost...  Yesterday morning after I went out to sweep the rug and was sweating from such simple exertion, I decided that it was time to break out some summer decor.

At the end of summer last year I saw all these brilliant colors and prints hanging on the wall of my local Dollar Mart.  It brought to mind the wreath which Rita at May Days had created and included a tutorial for HERE.  So, I scarfed up six pair to make one for myself this year.  I didn't have a straw wreath and decided to give the project a try without including that.  I debated about a ribbon to finish off the wreath.  I didn't have a wired ribbon that was bright and cheerful and summery and I feared the wired ribbon was necessary because I want to leave these up for most of the summer.  Then, I realized I already had the raffia left from some other project.  So, I gave that a twist.  What do you think?  Should I replace that with some colorful wired ribbon?  This project was super easy and my glue-gun and I took only a matter of minutes to craft these cheerful wreaths.  I got the flip-flops for $1 per pair.  So, I only have $6 invested and got two cute wreaths! 

(I just googled in search of the wreath tutorials because I had not been an avid Pinterest user at that point and I saw loads of different ideas for ways to use flip-flops.  So, if you are wanting to decorate cheaply inexpensively, with bright colors, and use cute ideas, I'd certainly suggest doing that.) 

Now I wish I had gotten more flip-flops last summer to have enough to make one for the other doors.  I wonder if my Dollar Mart has these again...