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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Have you ever been to one of those places where you can visit with your friends, sip a glass of wine, and be guided through creating a painting?  Well, I've seen them advertised but never had been until this week.  My friend, Kathy, invited me to tag along with some of her friends and I did!

We each took snacks and something to sip.  The place is called Uptown Art Uncorked!  I soon found that the snacks and sipping would not be possible for me.  Every time we worked toward a break for snacks and sipping I was behind and needed that time to catch up! 

The experience was great fun.  We started with a little sketching onto our canvas.  Then, we began mixing paint and transformed it from plain white to a beautiful masterpiece.  The teacher walked us through step-by-step and modeled for us what we should do.  She was an exceptional guide and mentor. 

Interestingly, each person's painting turned out different but every one was really wonderful!  I am quite pleased with mine and I think Mike was really blown away with the depth of my artistic talent. 

It is highlighted with glitter that doesn't show up here!