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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Monogrammed Doors

I've noticed on Pinterest that there are lots of ;pins' and 'likes' of things that feature monograms.  I'm southern.  So, I've loved things monogrammed for a long time.  I have monogrammed sweaters, bags, purses, coverlets, pillows...well, you get the idea.

One of the cutest things I've seen lately are some of the different ways folks are adding a monogram to their door decor.  So, not to be outdone, I have joined the monogrammed door crowd!
Aren't these adorable?

My daughter, Bridgette, has a cottage business called Tops for Tots.  She crochets hats for children and creates all sorts of personalized gifts ranging from appliqued clothing to door decorations to garden flags.  I got the idea that an adaptation of the cute garden flags she creates would look really cute and simple on all three doors on my back deck.

I asked her if she could make me something that is about twelve inches square that I could run a dowel through.  She asked me what colors and fabrics and all that technical information required to personalize things and please the customer and I told her to just use her own discretion and make something cute.
These turned out perfect for the French doors leading into the kitchen!

She did just as I asked.  Doesn't she do magnificent work?  (She must have a wonderful mother!)  The O is appliqued out of a lime-green-and-white, geometric fabric onto burlap.  Then, she machine embroidered our last name at an angle across the middle of the O using black thread.  (Some of my fabric stash is a black, cream, and green scrolly (that is a very technical term) print indoor-outdoor fabric to cover my porch cushions and she knew that.)  I bought a couple of dowels and painted them with a bit of left-over oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint after I cut them down to size.  I got a package of finials to fit the quarter-inch dowels and spray painted them as well.  Then, Elmer's glue and I assembled them.  They are finished off with leather pieces tied on either end of the dowel between the flag and the finial.  I created a loop in the middle and tied on a wired-ribbon bow made of a scrolly black printed on burlap.

I think it turned out just adorable and am inspired to dig out that fabric and get started on covering the porch cushions!

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