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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Toby has an ear infection.  We think he might have picked up ear mites somehow.  YUCK!  So, I got some medicine to put down into his ear to treat this.  First, let me say that giving a dog medicine is nothing like when I was living on the farm and we had to treat a calf or cow or lamb.

Our daughter-in-law, Bonnie, of Bonnie's Barnyard fame, brought me the 'paste' for treating Toby's ears.  She warned me that when she had used it on her dog's ears there was a huge mess.  So, I was prepared.

The first treatment went well.  I don't know if it was because Toby felt poorly or because he was ignorant and had no idea what to expect.  The bright yellow liquid-y-paste dried to a powder and made him look funny with yellow powdery ears and he was quite unhappy with me after I treated him but we could tell he felt better after a couple of hours.

Today, I anticipated a bit more resistance from him with the treatment.  However, I didn't realize just how much resistance I would get!
Here is what was slung across the deck when I was trying to keep from getting snapped at and hit the moving target of the sorest of his ears.  Actually, this is after I wiped up what was slung across the deck!

Here is how he looked after I had wiped up what he slung all over his side while I was trying to keep from getting snapped at and hit the moving target of the sorest of his ears.

A happy camper he was not!

While I was treating - I went ahead and applied the spot on flea/tick drops that are applied to the top of his back just behind his neck and the area just in front of his tail.  I figured if I was going to make him mad, I may as well do it all at one time and get it over with!

He sulked around for a while and didn't like the fact that I also made him stay out on the deck for about an hour waiting for the paste to dry.  Then, I went out and brushed the powdery residue off his side and back and rubbed him down good till it just looked like he has a bad case of dandruff.

He paced a bit and then would come to the door and look through the window with a pitiful expression on his face.  I was not deterred, though.  I figured the vitamin D from the sun would be good for him and the temperature was a comfortable one.  I even went outside with a book and joined him for a while.  He was not fooled.  He wouldn't even come near me till I sneaked up on him and caught him by the collar to give him his brushing.

Then, we came inside.  The sulfur-y smell lingers - even after I washed my hands with a couple of different soaps and applied a smelly lotion.  He doesn't like it any better than I do, either.  He has tried several times to wipe it off on the rug like this...

I think three days from now when it is time for the third treatment it is going to be a two-man job!
Poor Toby!