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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Local Shopping - Teamwork Style

I've always been one who thinks you need to live, work, and shop in the same area.  Support of the locals is what keeps things afloat.

I have never shopped locally so much as I do now.  The community I live in has so many options and features right here in my back yard.  I am only about 5-7 miles from two grocery stores.  We have a GoodWill store.  The post office, bank and Sonic are all less than 5 miles from my house!

Recently, I joined a local FaceBook Group that is a Want Ads group.  It is a place for folks to upload pictures and offer items for sale (and sometimes for free) or a place for folks to post in-search-of (ISO) items.  I have seen loads of bargains and treasures change hands.  I have been a bit envious of folks who have been able to acquire such bargains and treasures but it seems I am consistently one person behind or even further down the line at 'snatching up' the bargain or treasure.

Of course, that could be because I do not have a FaceBook app on my phone and really only check in once every day or even every other day at times.  I rarely have needs and have to be careful fulfilling my wants because I want WAY too much!

The other day, though...

I noticed where my nephew's mother-in-law, Janice, had made an offer on a nice looking washer and dryer.  Now, here is something I NEED, I thought.  So, I checked with Janice to see if she was shopping for both appliances or was, by chance, only shopping for the washer and might have the dryer available.  Her reply was that she wound up not getting either because the friend she was shopping for had already bought what was needed.  Sadness.

A couple of days later, I got a message from Janice and a picture of another washer/dryer set.  She let me know that my nephew, Jay, wanted the washer for his washing needs down at their milk barn.  My heart soared!

No more would Mike and I have to listen to the squeaking, squawking, and thumping of the 14-year-old dryer that was operating on its last leg.  No more would the sleeves or collars of our shirts come out with black, greasy tips.  No more would wash cloths or socks get hung between the drum and the wall of the dryer and risk being ripped and greasy after I tugged them out of there with all my might.  Plus, the pair were offered for about half what my washer had cost me over six years ago!

Can you say deal?  DEAL!!!

Jay instructed me that I should go look at the appliances and decide if they were worthy of joining our fold.  He also instructed me to offer $50 less than the asking price.  WHAT?  Didn't he know this is already a bargain?  Didn't he know I'm not good at negotiating and dickering over purchases?  He hadn't heard the squeaking and squawking and thumping of my dryer.  His favorite white sweater didn't get a grease stain on it.  His favorite polo shirt didn't have a greasy tipped collar.  His socks or kitchen towels and dishcloths hadn't been ripped after the mighty tug-of-war pull.

So, my personal shopper, Janice, lined up a time for me to go inspect the appliances.  I was met at the door by a fellow who looked to be about 12-years-old.  He was the home-owner and his wife, who looked to be about 16-years-old was about to explode with their second child.  (I did ask.  This couple is a young one.  He is in his late-20s and she is in her mid-20s.  So, I am officially older than dirt.)  We went into their pristine clean-enough-to-eat-off-the-floor laundry room and I opened the doors and asked if I could turn them on and asked about any problems or issues.  (What does one do when inspecting appliances?  My washer I just called and asked for a price range, told them I wanted it to be white, and asked them when they could deliver it!)  I'm sure I looked almost as savvy as my professional shopper would have looked!

It seems they were awaiting the delivery of a new washer/dryer set which is high-capacity and super fast speed since they are going to have "so much more laundry" and "so much less time" to do laundry tasks after the birth of their second child.  So, confidently, I asked if the young fellow would accept $50 less and he never batted an eye but agreed.  SCORE!  Extra deep bargain!

I scurried out to the truck and snatched a crisp bill out of my wallet (the last of our Christmas money - thanks Mom and Daddy!) and scurried back up to the front door!  I called the nephew and arranged a pick-up time.

A couple of days later, I pulled in our driveway with my load of groceries and there was my favorite nephew, Jay, my bonus son, Stephen, and his friend, Mark.  Stephen and Jay were installing the new dryer!

Stephen was so impressed because now I have a matching set.  "The knobs on the dryer exactly match the ones on my washer.  You know, most people do have a matching set," I was told by my grinning bonus son.
 My favorite nephew asked me - more than once - if I was pleased with our purchase.  Of course I am!  Finally, I asked him if he was pleased with our purchase.  To which he responded (with a big old grin on his face), "Tickled to death!"

This personal shopper, pick-up-and-delivery, and installation team is better than D.T. McCall or something!

I do love my new quiet-running dryer.  No squeaking.  No squawking.  No thumping.  No greasy marks.  No tug-of-war resulting in tears.  Plus, there is a light in the drum!  What a deal!

There was also an added bonus in this deal...

While we were OOOOing and AHing over our new purchases, Mark, the bonus son's friend, toted all my groceries into the house!

I am one lucky woman!