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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mother's Day Treasures

We were sort of helter-skelter for Mother's Day this year.  One of the grands was sick, another crew was going to a church homecoming out west...  So, they came by and spent time with me and I went to spend time with Mike and my mothers when we could and we celebrated as best we could over a stretch of several days.

I was honored with some treasures.  The most favorite treasures were the time I got to spend with the grands but I also liked those that were hand made - literally!

The youngest grandchild is showing lots of artistic promise.  There is geniusness there!

Jessica says that it isn't as easy as Pinterest and other places make it look!  I just think it is adorable, though!

Lillie and Lydia were quite crafty and creative and artistic as well...
Cute, Cute!

Lillie couldn't understand why her mother was turning their footprints into bees.  Until Bridgette said very slowly, "Grand...B."  Then, it dawned and made sense to her.

The girls also made a personalized stepping stone for my mother-in-law that I got to deliver since she wasn't home when they dropped by.
Hand and Foot Prints to spell LOVE
They are too, too smart, don't you think?!  Why is it we always appreciate something personalized and hand-crafted the most?