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Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm still enjoying Halloween even after a week has passed.

We didn't have many folks knocking on the door this year.  Lillie and Lydia were here for the birthday party last Sunday.  Since Halloween fell on Monday, it seemed like a long haul to drive an hour to come back the next day.  So, I gave them their bag of treats on Sunday afternoon while they were here celebrating birthdays with Cassie and Laura.

They did dress as princesses and visited some of their neighbors and looked really cute.  Bridgette sent me this picture to let me see how sweet they were.

Aren't they cute as Rapunzel and Bell?

I think Lydia is wondering how Lillie is going to enjoy her candy when she is missing so many teeth!

We did have a few little visitors, though.  Mike's great nephews Jaymie and Forest came calling (along with mom and dad, Jessica and Jay).  Forest was in camoflauge from head to toe and Jaymie was a mummy.  Next year they will have two more little guys tagging along since they are expecting twins in February!  (Yes, I forgot to make a photo because I was so excited to see them!)

We also had these really cute little treats.
What adorable little cherubs they are!

Their mother relented and let them open one little package of M&Ms.  So, they sat and posed for a picture for me.  I just loved their sparkly little costumes.  Cassie was especially snazzy with her striped socks, too.  Mike and I chuckled for a long time after they left just recalling all the cute things they did in such a short little visit.

Being a grandparent can really be one of the greatest gifts in life!