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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall on the Back Porch

I have truly enjoyed fall this year - probably one of the first ones I ever have.  I think living in such a beautiful place is one reason.  Having a husband who enjoys the season is another.  Not being stressed with all the requirements of a classroom teacher probably gives me more time to enjoy things more, too.

We have a beautiful deck across the back of the house which inspires me to decorate and spend all the time out there that is possible.  Here is what it looks like on my walk up toward the back door.

Even the sky was cooperating when I took this photo and was a nice autumn pumpkin hue.

The blue salvia and silverdust have hung on to coordinate with all my pumpkins and candy corn.  I love the weathered gray look of the wood on the deck, too.  Hanging on the gate are some wooden leaves in fall colors of weathered barn red, goldenrod yellow, and olive green.  I got the wooden leaves which are attached to the black wire on sale eight or ten years ago.  Things like that are truly a good find because they hold up well year after year.  Here is a closer look.
Welcome to the fall porch!

At the top of the steps here on the deck is a wrought iron shelf unit that I bought years ago.  It used to sit on a second-hand table beside my back door in my previous two houses and was used for a buffet set-up.  Here it is mostly just for decorative purposes, I guess.  I painted the clay pot and had thyme in it this summer.  Then, I replaced that with one of the pansies this fall.  The little clay birds belonged to one of Mike's grandmothers.  The tea cup and saucer was once on attached to a stake as a bird feeder.  The stake must have broken in one of my moves but the tea cup and saucer is still a cute accent I think.  I made the wreath by pulling it off of a tree and coiling it up.  The cow painted on the galvanized bucket is one I bought at a craft sale twenty years ago. 
Here are some of the little pie pumpkins and the teeny pumpkins like I used for name place cards last week at the birthday party.  You can read more about that HERE.

Looking down the deck you can really see the pop of color of the pumpkins and how they add a spark of cheer to the back porch. 
Those two big pumpkins hanging on the door sure look cute, don't they?
You can read about them HERE.

My friend Kathy gave this tub and stand to Mike and I as a wedding gift.
The cute little jack-o-lantern is a ceramic one that I bought
at Olde Time Pottery at least fifteen or so years ago.

This little table sits at the end of the sofa there on the deck. 

I whacked the petunias back in late August or early September when it was so hot and dry.  I didn't think they would come back out.  When I planted the pansies a couple of weeks ago, I didn't pull up the petunias because it looked like they were about to bloom again.  So, it was a nice contrast for the pumpkin colored flowers and pumpkins.  They also still shine at night.

Here is a closer look at the face of the sweet pansy. 

Here is a look at the oval table centerpiece.

The big pumpkin was entirely green when Mike and I bought it.  I loved the shape of it and it was such a deep hunter green that I thought it would be a nice accent.  As it turns out, it has ripened into a mingled green and orange piece that becomes more beautiful each day. 
This little table sits at the end of the glider. 
I hate that the Lantana has stopped blooming because it is sort of a golden color
and would have looked sort of like candle-light.

Don't my door decorations and the candy corn stakes in the pots look cute?

I didn't have the heart to cut back or pull up the Bacopa in the pot on the stand.  So, here is another white contrast with the pumpkin colored pansies and mums.  Believe it or not, we had just blown all the leaves off the deck the day before this photo was made.  Of course, they have been falling like showers of rain here lately.  (Read about that HERE.) 

Before too much longer I know that it will be to chilly to be out here and enjoying the deck and the beautiful countryside.  For now, though, I'm loving fall on the back porch!