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Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

I had a little help decorating the Christmas tree this year.  I really mean two little helpers.  Plus, they got Mike in on the action, too!

Finding just the right spot...

I tried just sitting in the chair and pulling ornaments out of the plastic tub and handing them to the decorators.  That worked well for a little while.  Then, the helpers elves decided that they needed to hang some up high, too. 

Mike lifted Cassie to put one in just the right spot.

Then, Evie decided she needed a boost to reach the right spot, too.

Cassie spied another spot high up...

One thing led to another...  Well, I think you see how things wound up! 

Isn't it funny that they could get him to do more than I could?  I'd bet I could have begged and begged and he would have continued to just sit in the recliner and tell me I was doing a great job.  

We did wind up with one little area that is a bit gaudy and more decorated than the rest of the tree.  However, for the most part, every part is balanced and beautiful!  What fun it was!