If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Frequently when I bump into friends or former students who I haven't seen in a while, we will greet one another with a hug.  Often those folks will tell me that I smell the same way they remember.  I guess that is because I still wear the same cheap, discount store perfume inexpensive, easily obtainable fragrance.  I hardly know what that smell is anymore because I have worn the same thing for so long.  My idea is to stick with something that works.

I always like to roll over in the bed after Mike gets up and lay my head on his pillow. It has his clean, outdoorsy, masculine fragrance. (Plus, I like to stretch out and take up the entire bed!)

I remember my cousin going into her husband's closet after his death just so she could inhale his smell. I guess we all sort of wear a fragrance whether it is something applied like my inexpensive, easily obtainable fragrance or whether it is just that natural fragrance we generate. 

Once, upon entering my house for the first time, a friend told me that my house smelled like me.  This is after I'd been told by the same friend that my truck smells like me. 

We all want to smell pleasant and we want our home to smell pleasant as well.  Of course, I think the hardest room in the house to maintain a pleasant smell in is the bathroom.  I've used those oils and diffusers in my bathrooms before and I really like that.  It maintains a soft fragrance that isn't too overwhelming.  However, when the oil had all evaporated, I couldn't find replacement oil for them and those receptacles are now stored under the sink in the vanity.

Lately, what I've been using are these scented wax chunks that are melted by placing a tea light beneath them. 

I got one for Christmas last year from a student with some oil for refreshing it.  The oil is from Yankee Candle and it is a holiday-ish scent.

Since the Christmas holiday season is over, I've changed to this kind of fragrance.  I found it on the sale rack at the grocery store.  I wish I'd bought more.

The fragrance is light and subtle.  Mike came in this afternoon and asked me what I was baking.  So, it is a bit sweet but not really sugary sweet.  This package has chunks that can be broken off sort of like ice cubes from a tray.  It looks nice in this burner I have in the guest bathroom right now, too.

Bridgette and Jessica both have asked me what that fragrance was when they were here last.  My old-age-forgetfulness didn't know what the name of it was or where I had stashed the package with the rest of the chunks.  So, here you are girls.  Good luck in finding your own and if you run across them, will you get me another package, too?