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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A King!

I have thought so for quite some time but now there is no doubt in my mind... My husband is King of the Grill! 

Yesterday he had the day off from his job.  That in itself was something that is an anomoly because since we married in 2009, I think we could count on our fingers the number of times he has had Saturday off from work.  We enjoyed it like royalty.  Both of us got to sleep late - way past daylight!  Yippee!!!  Then, he cooked up a wonderful southern breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, and biscuits.  Yum.  Another special treat is that we got to eat out on the back porch.  It was a fabulous start to the weekend.

We took the time and the beautiful warm day to work on getting the lawn mower in shape to start off our season of mowing.  The wonderful day seemed to crash and burn at that point.  When we sit on the mower and turn the key it just clicks.  We thought at first that the battery was low and Mike attached the battery charger to it but that didn't work.  So, now he thinks it is some sort of fuse or a starter problem.  Of course, the lawn equipment store was not open and we will have to try for a new fuse or starter later in the week while we watch the revived green grass stretch up by leaps and bounds. 

From there we moved onward to other spring clean-up chores.  Mike cleaned all the residual straw/hay and leaves off the trailer, changed out the leaking tire for another, more reliable one, and aired up all of the others.  I began sorting through boxes and buckets and cleaning and organizing the shelves in the barn.  Lots went into the trash but lots just needed straightening and organizing.  Since we are changing garbage pick-up companies, Mike and I pulled out these huge garbage cans that are on wheels and placed them between the LP gas tank and the wood pile.  While Mike worked to cut the lids off some buckets, cleaned, and organized them, I moved a few stepping stones down to create a path from the driveway to the new garbage cans. 

We hung a wrought iron hose holder and an unbelievable find - a l-o-n-g hose that was hidden in the straw that has no leaks in it!  We also hung some antique wooden and metal singletrees that had belonged to Mike's grandfather on the barn wall.  (A singletree is a croos-bar to which the traces of a harness are fastened for pulling a cart, carriage, or plow.)  So, the barn is shaping up and we are getting closer to ready for putting some calves in it!

I headed off to the house and put the pork loin half that I'd been marinating onto the grill.  (The marinade recipe can be found HERE.)  Right about the time the grate got hot enough to put the beginnings of grill marks on the loin, the grill went out.  My grill's gas tank was empty!  Hubby saved the day by quickly starting a can full of coals and transferred the loin over to the charcoal grill.  We had thawed and injected some chicken breasts and he cooked them as well.  Mike barely had time to get all that meat situated on the grates and put the top down on the grill before a spring thunderstorm blew in.  He dashed into the house and we waited out the storm.  Over an inch of rain fell during about a forty-five minute period.  Lightning was zapping and thunder was crashing all around as the heavy rain fell and we sat just inside the French doors peeking out at the grill. 

When the storm calmed, hubby sloshed out and took the meat off the grill.  It was a wee bit blackened on the outside edges but it was juicy and delicious!  Mike joked that he braved a raging storm to see that his woman had meat on the table.  I joked back that he definitely is the King of the Grill!
I hate you cannot smell and taste what is pictured here, but we are going to enjoy it for the rest of the week!  Yummy!