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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Plot Thickens...

Well, Mike learned some frustrating news.  He got more information relating to Forest's being grounded.  It seems he must have gotten reprimanded at school.  (I'm sure he was wrongly accused and unjustly treated.  How could somebody as adorable and smart as our little Huck Finn do something to get into trouble?)  Anyway, it seems there was a note from the teacher sent home to his parents. 

It seems Jessica learned about the note from another anotation from the teacher referring to it in Forest's folder of papers.  (Isn't that kind of underhanded of her?)  So, Jessica asked him about the note and gave him a few minutes to find it and bring it to her.  After a few minutes, Forest came to his mom with the note in his hand and his hand hanging low.  (I'm sure he was simply thinking of her and trying not to upset her since she so recently gave birth to twins.) 

Evidently he had already initialed or signed the note.  (I'll bet he was just trying to save her some trouble since she has so much to do.) 

Mike and I guess now he is in solitary confinement.  Maybe we can fry up some chicken and find out the visiting hours and go to see him this weekend.  Bless his cute little heart!