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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Design Consultant

I am proud to add a plate to the shingle I have hanging by my door - Design Consultant!  (No, I don't really have a shingle and who knows what it would say if I did - klutz, goofball, cheapo, wanta-be...) 

Recently, my daughter, Bridgette, began making garden flags to give as gifts or to sell to folks who like a custom look.  I might be just a wee tad bit biased, but I think she does a marvelous job!  See:

See, she even has a repeat customer - other than me!  (If you would like your own custom garden flag, you can contact her!)

A few days ago she was working on Christmas gifts and was stitching one for my daughter-in-law, Jessica.  Jessica and Bryan have a new house and they are having all sorts of fun making it home.  Anyway, one of the things on Jessica's wish list was garden flags.  So, Bridgette had drawn her name and decided to fill that wish. 

When we went to Sir's Fabrics a few weeks back, we had stumbled across some outdoor fabric remnants.  I picked up a piece that I'm going to use to freshen up my deck sofa and another couple of pieces that I have no idea how I'm going to use - but it was a bargain and I loved the pattern and I've learned not to let that get away!

As soon as Bridgette saw a couple of pieces of the outdoor fabric, she said she thought of Jessica.  I would describe Jess's taste as a combination of earthy, modern, jazzy, natural, and elegant.  So, I guess that is why she fits so well in this family - eclectic is how that sort of design is referenced.  She leans toward browns - tan, chocolate, caramel, etc., greens - sage, seafoam, olive, etc., blues - robin's egg, grey-blue, etc., rust, russet, etc.  Her choices are always beautiful and usually something I would not have noticed till she picks them! 

Anyway, Bridgette found a paisley-type print that she thought looked like Jessica and got it for the base of the garden flag.  Immediately Bridgette's creative brain went to work on how the finished flag was goint to look.  She wanted it to be an all-season one that could be displayed at any time of year.  Since we are southerners, it seemed natural to me that Bridgette thought of putting an initial on it. 

So, this past week, I got an email asking me if the garden flag needed an extra personalization element.  At that point, the flag had the printed background, an oatmeal-colored oval, and a printed B appliqued on it.  I was consulted by her asking me if she should also add their last name.  Then, I was consulted to know what color the last name should be stitched. 

I showed the work-in-progress to my friend and co-worker, Kris, and we recommended the color and encouraged that she add the last name.  I think we did a great job on this project, what do you think?
Oh!  And, Bridgette did pretty well, too!

Yes, this was a shameless plug for my daughter and her work-from-home business.  Yes, I was compensated for this post - she showers me with love and some of her experimental projects!