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Friday, December 28, 2012


Some projects are started from scratch and others are a result of recycling.  I recently tackled one of the recycling ones and I'm quite pleased with the results.  You may remember the post that featured a re-do of this stool. 

It was a bargain and I liked the upholstery of the embroidered floral stripes on a background of black silk.  However, it just wasn't happening in the bedroom where I decided was to be its home.  So, off with the embroidered silk flowers and on with a tone-on-tone damask leaf print. 
Maybe some day I will get brave and tackle a slip-cover for the chair and the two will match...

At any rate, I hung onto the silk embroidered fabric.  After a trip to the dry cleaner, it was ready for another project.  I thought it would fit in with the decor of the den and sort of further tie my merlot silk drapes with the neutral furnishings and infuse my love of florals.  So, I knew the piece was destined to become pillows.

At first I thought about making a cover for the large throw pillows on the couch like I did HERE or HERE.  I really like the idea of keeping them as matching pairs, though, and I would have to piece something else with the embroidered silk to make that work.  Not really the look I had in mind.  So, after digging around in my sewing room a bit, I pulled out a couple of rectangular lumbar-type pillows that my friend Angela and I had snatched up for a couple of dollars at Old Time Pottery.  I dug a little bit more and found the remnants that were left after Jessica and I crafted her a pillow or two.  (You can read about that HERE.)  It is a simple little tone on tone print in a golden cream color.  Then, I dug into a recently acquired stash of trims that I picked up at the local Dollar Mart which coordinated beautifully.  Voila!  Custom-crafted decor!

One of the new pillows rests on this wing-back side chair near my revamped frame and floor-lamp.

The other one rests here in the rocker my Daddy gave me several years ago.

Here is a close-up of one of the pretty little pillows.
I like a recycle project when it turns out as pleasing as this one!