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Friday, May 3, 2013

Bad Behavior

A couple of weeks ago, SOMEBODY was exhibiting poor choices.  His behavior was not acceptable.  I was ultra disappointed.  For three afternoons in a row I came home to find this:
SOMEBODY had jumped around enough to tear up the black plastic liner in his crate the first day.  So, I ordered a new one.  The next day, SOMEBODY had jumped around enough to get the crate to move all the way across the floor where he could reach the towel that was hanging on the closet door knob.  He had pulled the towel through the holes in the crate and yanked and chewed on it till it was wedged in and what was left had to be cut out.  The third day, there was a repeat performance with a different towel.  The fourth day, another repeat.  The fifth day, the crate was place on the rug.  The new plastic liner was installed.  Two cable ties were anchoring the back of the crate to the shelf brackets.  SOMEBODY's behavior dramatically improved!

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