If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


How many times have I gotten a genius idea for a project and when finished, I just didn't feel quite satisfied?  I wish I had a nickel...

The monogram decoration that I made for the front door earlier in the summer is just one of those projects.  You see, Bridgette had made me these cute little burlap and applique and embroidered flags for my back doors.  So, I thought I would continue with that concept and create something for the front door.

I started with a piece of foam board.  You know, that heavy foam poster board stuff?  I got mine at Hobby Lobby and while I was there, I went over to the stretched canvas section and drew traced an oval one onto the board.  Then, I got another smaller oval canvas and traced it as well.  Then, my outline of the letter O was ready for me to cut it out.

I brought it home and used a utility knife to cut out the outline.  It wasn't really pretty but, knowing that I planned to cover it, I thought it would work out just fine.

Jessica picked me up a spool of brown jute twine.  So, one rainy Sunday afternoon I wound the twine around my cut out outline of the letter O.

I took some burlap ribbon that was painted/screen-printed with a chevron stripe and tied a simple bow and hung it on the door.


So, closed the door and tried not to think about that lackluster project.  Yet, each time I opened the door to go water the plants on the front porch, there it was...staring at me with a dejected, pitiful look.

Yesterday I was inspired and decided to try a little tweaking.  I took a left-over strip of scrapbook paper and a Sharpie marker and did a little doodling.  Then, I used some raffia and clear tape to hold it all together.  Finally, I tied my little banner onto the O.  Tweak!

My heart isn't thumping.  My knees aren't weak.  But I think I can live with this for just a little while.

Maybe it is just to simplistic and I am more of a fluff girl.  It will have to do for now.  At least till I get another genius idea...