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Friday, August 2, 2013

New Site!

My daughter has changed her business name and expanded its offerings!  There is truly something for everyone there.  If you like individualized, unique, and personalized items, this place is for you...
This is her new logo.  Isn't that just too cute?

Her listing on FaceBook can be found HERE. I personally like the flags she made for me.  You can see one HERE and more HERE.  Of course, I like the unique property and the fact that it lies flat on my French doors where we come in and out all the time.  Plus, the flags can be seasonal or fit in any season like the monogrammed one I have pictured.

I've also enjoyed the personalized napkins...,
embroidered monogram
appliqued monogram

table runners...,

dish towels...

and crocheted dish cloths (All of these looked too 'used' for me to photograph.)  she hand crafted for me, too.  Having something one-of-a-kind is wonderful and something that is created specifically for our home and our life-style makes it doubly special.

For (soon-to-be) loads of photos and to see her creativity posted online, check out her infant blog.  You can find her HERE.  (I also think you will enjoy and appreciate the story behind her business name.)

Let me encourage you to contact her.  Watch for give-aways as well!  She is sometimes generous and always really, really industrious and busy.

She must have a really wonderful mother!

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