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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Color of Blood

I know I might have mentioned it but we are expecting our first grandson - just in case you didn't already know.

I have done a bit of stitching for the little fellow.

For one project, I crafted some cute rick-rack receiving blankets.

I also stitched up a couple of sweet little outfits.

I would show each new creation to Mike as I finished it up.

After a while, he expressed a bit of concern.

He was afraid that I was crafting too many sweet little things.

I think his exact words were...

"I think you are going to make this little man a sissy."

So, I picked up some little booties...

I also found a sweet little knit hat...

Then, I added a couple of appliqued garments...

I tucked it into a simple brown-paper gift bag with some orange tissue and some white tissue and added a card explaining the situation to the little man's parents.

Because Mike said, "I believe you need to give him some kind of gift that will remind him that his blood runs orange."
I think his parents understood.

(Thanks to Bridgette over at Goody Stuff for the sweet little bib and onesie appliqued with the infamous orange and white checks!)