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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Everybody Goes to School!

For the first time this year, all of our granddaughters are going off to school!  How did they get so big?  It seems like only yesterday we were holding them swaddled in a blanket and they fit right on our forearms!

Lillie is off to first grade.  She is excited about being with the friends she made last year in kindergarten.  She is just too grown up!

Cassie is off to Kindergarten.  She is excited and glad to be with friends she made last year in PreK.
She was also excited to ride the bus home!

Evie is excited about going off to PreK.  She wants to be just as big as her older sister and looks forward to all the interesting things ahead.
Here she is posed at the entrance to her school on the first day!

Lydia is also going to PreK.  She, too, thinks she is just as grown-up as her big sister.
Here she is decked out in her favorite color and sporting her favorite TV character on her first day!

Lillie entered the world of first grade this year.  She is an old pro at school by now and was looking forward to seeing her friends.
Here she is with all her school supplies headed off for her first full day as a first-grader!

Where did the time go?  They are just getting too big too fast!  We are all excited for them to go off to school, too, though and learn all the things there are to know.  We wouldn't have it any other way!