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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grandparent's Day!

Lillie and Lydia's school recently hosted grandparent's day.  Mike and I joined in on the fun.  The Pre-K crowd shared lunch with their visitors in the most important part of the school campus - the playground!
We had a time of food and fellowship at a teeny-tiny little picnic table.  For a few minutes I wondered if Grand B was going to be able to stand up after sitting so low to the ground.  There was also some time for showing off the finer parts of the grounds.  You know, places like the swings...

I think there was a little competition going on here to see if Grand B could push higher than the neighboring little boy's grandpa.  Then, we had to go check out the jungle-gym and the slides...

After this luncheon and play time ended, we waited a few minutes and shared food in the cafeteria with Lillie.  That first-grade crowd is a whole lot more mature and we sat at the cafeteria tables with them.  I think Lillie had fun sitting between Daddy Mike and a little fellow in her class.  At one point, I would have sworn she was sitting between TWO first-grade boys!  First, they were hiding her Little Debbie snack.  Then, they were teasing her about something else.  Both boys got an elbow or two poked at them by Lillie at one point or another.  Boys!

We all enjoyed sharing time together that day.  I think the expression in the picture below describes more than just the sensation of swinging.  We all feel that way when we get the chance to share time together and giggle and laugh!