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Monday, June 2, 2014

Guess What We Got!

Yes.  Yes we did.

Last weekend a newborn came to live with Mike and me.  He is such a cutie!  His soft dark eyes just blink up at us.  Lillie and Lydia were here and they fell in love with him.  He has such soft fuzzy hair.


Since last weekend he has grown a bit more aggressive as he has learned that people are the providers of food.  Lillie was a bit overwhelmed at the strength of him when he was taking his bottle this weekend and decided that he might not be quite as sweet as she thought.  She doesn't like that he now wants to push her down when he is trying to suck on the bottle, her shirt, her shorts, or anything else that he might be able to get his nose near.
I'm not too fond of that part either!

He is still a cute little fellow and has hardly made a noise out there at the barn.  He is already progressing and has munched on some fresh hay and grain this week.  I think he is a keeper!
Thanks, Jay, Jayme, Forest, and little helper, Jake!