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Friday, June 6, 2014


My friend, Angela, came by yesterday afternoon.

We were a bit on the creative side.

We started with blank slates.

Angela's stool awaits her creative talents.

My slightly taller stool was also a blank slate.

We looked onto Pinterest for some inspiration.  Here is Angela's inspiration:
Simple and cute!
Angela also learned that this stool was painted by a member of her church.  She discovered it through Pinterest but it is posted on THIS blog.

Angela finished hers up yesterday.  It turned out really cute!
Polka Dots and Chevron Stripes

Yet, she didn't take it home with her.  I'm wondering if she was considered it to be a warm-up project and she is going to tackle the rocking chair I've offered her next...

She did make a cool Before/After collage shot using an iPhone app...

Here was the picture I found as my inspiration:
I've been wanting to paint something whimsical like this for a long time!

I don't have a cool app to do a Before/After collage.

I did have a During shot, though.  I didn't finish mine yesterday.  So, I just took an in-progress shot yesterday.  On the top of the stool, I took a plate and used it as a template to draw a circle.  Next, I took a small bowl and drew around it.  Then, I took red and added a bit of white to get a hot-pink shade and painted the ring my drawing templates had created.
This angle shows the pink wave-striped leg.

I was at Lowe's today and learned that their Wave Frog Tape was on clearance for about $5.  The fellow thought it was being discontinued.  I sure hope not.

I used two pieces of the Wave Frog Tape to create a waved stripe down the leg.  It was super easy!
Polka Dot Leg

I originally tried an orange wave stripe down this leg.  It didn't work out.  At. All.  So, I used a couple of the other colors to make two different sized dots down the leg.
My favorite leg

I made another wave stripe going down the side of this leg.  Then, added some large hot-pink dots into the curve.  This turned out to be my favorite decoration.  It just strikes me as really cute.
Bird's-Eye view of the seat

Here is a look down on the seat.  I decided I didn't want to add a monogram like the inspiration piece.  I've always liked the MacKenzie-Childs checkerboard look.  So, that is what I decided to do to the center circle.  Otherwise, I followed the inspiration piece somewhat closely.

We used a pencil eraser as a stamp to paint small polka-dots.  I stopped by Hobby Lobby after my teacher professional development session this morning and picked up a paint pen and some sponge brushes that will paint larger polka-dots.  I used the paint pen to freehand the vine going round the edge of the seat.  I picked up a white paint pen, too, but decided to stick with simple black instead of introducing white.
Blue wave striped leg

I fell in love with this periwinkle blue color when Angela painted it onto her stool.  So, I used it instead of a turquoise blue.

We both were rather pleased with our craftiness.  Yet, at the same time, we both were a bit frustrated about it not being as perfect as we wanted.

The big question is...

What do we do with these stools now that we have created this major transformation?