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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Favorite Grandson

That is an easy label for me to throw around these days.  You see, Harris is our only grandson!

I like to use the term while I can because he soon will be sharing the spotlight.

Since he is still under a year old, he is a bit young to come in the summer to spend Days with Grand B and Daddy Mike.  (Yes, I did capitalize the word Days.  You see, since the first grand came along, each of the girls gets to come and stay a few days with us.  Cassie and Evie spent some extended time here during the fall and winter till the tide changed and now they are off to other parts.  This summer Lillie recently had Days.  Lydia had the first Days this summer because she was at the End of Her Rope.  There have been other times when there were Lillie's Days, more Lillie's Days,  Lydia's Days, and Grandchildren Days summers gone by.)

We love spending time with all five of the grandchildren and look forward to visits with them.  It is so fun to focus on each one and get to know them better and just enjoy their personalities.  We are grateful when their parents give us time to share and cherish the short visits and time spent.

Spending time with Harris was no different.  I drove up in the morning and he was napping when I got there.  He was a bit surprised to see me and a little uncertain about my being there when he awoke.  It didn't take long, though, before we were playing and rolling in the floor and exploring all we could.

His mother joined us for a brief shopping excursion and it was fun to watch his expressions as he would check out each store's products...and fellow shoppers.  He makes friends almost wherever he goes by smiling and waving at folks he has never seen before.  He was a good little trouper and never got fussy and even took a nap during a Hobby Lobby excursion.

He and I played in the den floor, outside on the back porch, on the guest bed, in the guest bedroom floor, on the front porch, at his swing suspended in the tree.  He loves a good game of peek-a-boo.  He likes to play ball.  He does a dramatic imitation of a cowboy bronc-rider.  We shared some contraband blueberries.  He shared Cheerios but not his puffs.  I learned he is an avid music fan and likes to dance.  He is a jumper and likes to bounce.  We did silly stuff like wear bowls on our heads, too.
With a smile like this, how can a grandmother not have loads of fun?

We had loads of fun entertaining one another.  His mother was a wonderful hostess who provided us with delicious meals and luxurious baths.  She just gave us time to play and didn't interfere until we got a bit out of hand.  I don't know about Harris, but I wish we could have some Days like that about once per month!
Ah... they just grow up way too fast!