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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Something Shared

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we are awaiting the birth of a couple of sweet babies in our family.  It has been my tradition to create a sweet dress for each of the granddaughters to wear as infants.

Then, along came Harris.

His father does not want him wearing any "lace, frilly, or prissy stuff."  So...

I had to adapt a bit and and create a new pattern and make something that was almost like the classic sweet baby boy clothes.  You can see how I did that HERE.

Now, along comes Levi.

I've got something similar to the one-piece outfit for Harris in the works for Levi.  Yet, he is one lucky little fellow and already has loads of clothing.  However, his mother did say that they probably could use another gown.  So...

I decided to personalize one just for him.

I did some thinking to figure out just what connection I wanted to use in the personalization.  Levi's dad, Stephen, enjoys relaxing with a fishing pole pointed at the water.  That is one thing he and his father, Mike, share.  After a day spent beside a fishing hole, both of those guys seem to have a fresh approach to life.

So, I decided to use that as a way to personalize a sweet little gown for Levi.
I cinched up the bottom with elastic as an adaptation of the sweet gowns my children had which were drawstring at the hem.

The pattern is a simple one with sweet little tucks at the front shoulders.  Just below the tucks on the left shoulder, I used the squares of the baby-check and cross-stitched a fishing pole with a bobber on it.
If you look really closely at the fishing line, you can see the subtle way I made this little daygown personalized just for Levi...
Sweet Little Levi's Gown

Knowing that tiny babies generally spend a lot of time propped up on somebody's shoulder or chest, I decided to add a little something to the back as well.
There on the back is another fishing pole positioned up on the right shoulder.
Since the gown features a sweet little pleat, I thought it might be fun to hide a little fish inside it!
So, when Levi is lying on his tummy up on a shoulder or chest, the little fishy can be peaking out of the pleat!

I know it will be quite a long time before Levi will be wetting a line at the fishing hole  as a way of sharing time with his dad and grandfather.  Till then, he can do a little dreaming about the catch of the day...