If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Just a Spectator

I went to a county fair Saturday night.

Those of you who know me wonder why that is even worth mentioning.  After all, I grew up exhibiting cattle at county fairs year after year from about the age of ten into my adult years.  Then, my own two children exhibited cattle, sheep, and mercy knows what else at county fair after county fair during their developmental years.

So, why was Saturday different?

Why is it even worthy of mention?

Saturday, I was there purely as a spectator.

Well, that isn't really true.

I did have a bit of a stake in what was going on in the livestock show ring.

This time my interest was just a little bit different.

This time I was there just to watch the judge.

Who I thought did a perfect job!

That may be a first...for me and for the judge!  I'll bet nobody has ever agreed one-hundred-percent with the judge's choices.

P.S. Another couple of spectators thought he did a pretty fine job, too.

P.S. Again.

One spectator was really glad when the judge finished up his job and was ready to go home.  That spectator was a good sport throughout the show but was just a wee bit tired at the end of the competition.

P.S. One-More-Time.

And that spectator was glad to see his daddy!