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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Games People Play

I've mentioned different games my family has played throughout the years.  Some of them are Educational Games... and some of them are ultra competitive... and some of them are silly and just for fun.

When I was visiting with grandson, Harris, a few weeks ago, he and I played all sorts of games.  His favorite is still peek-a-boo.  He also likes to play fetch with his parents.  You know, he sits at the high chair with toys or bits of food and tosses them to the ground for his parents to pick up.

He and I invented our own game with a tub of toys that his mother had out on their back porch.  There were plastic cups and bowls of all shapes and sizes.  He kept throwing one particular bowl.  So, I would fetch it and give it back to him.  After a couple of trips down the steps of the porch, I just plopped the bowl on top of my head.

He just giggled and giggled about me wearing a bowl on top of my head.

Then, I put a bowl on his head.

Again, he dissolved into giggles and had to pull the bowl off his head.

Last week I got a message from his mother...

Guess what game he was playing...
What Fun!