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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Little Bit of Organizing

A couple of years ago Bridgette brought me most of her Stampin' Up! stamp sets and ink pads.  She needed space for Luci and her craft room became a bedroom.  I kept them in storage tubs and dug them out every now and again to create something quick and cute.  After Lydia and I did a bit of stamping during her Days, I decided to clean up and straighten up and have those where they were more accessible for crafting.  So, I put another thing Bridgette brought here to store into use and have a nice, organized crafting space.
This shelving unit with tubs used to hold toys in a corner of Bridgette's house.  Now it has stamp sets organized by size and alphabetical order.
I have it set up between the niche which holds my gift-wrapping paper and ribbon and my little craft table in my craft/sewing room.  The ink pads set atop the table I wrote my name on when I was a high school student that a former co-worker gave to me instead of sending it out to be trashed.
The supplies are organized and within reach for creating and crafting and I hope to soon have time to do a bit of both!
Now, when I walk into the room, I don't have to step over storage tubs and bags and stacks of stamps and ink and card stock.  It even looks a bit inviting!

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