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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Randomness Volume #7

It seems that for most of this year I have felt as if I was just scrambling and trying to keep up with life.  How do things get that way?

Is it because I'm getting older and trying to do things I should have done when I was far younger?

Is it just the pace of life and we all are doing that?

I look around and see so many things that need to be done.  I also think of so many things I want to do.  Yet, I feel as if I cannot get to the things that must be done.

Maybe I'm feeling this way because the scope of my job has changed this fall.  My supervisor announced to us this week that she will be retiring soon.  What was my reaction?  I am excited for her!  AND I am a wee bit jealous.  How wonderful would it be to have the time to spend with my husband and family?  How wonderful would it be to choose how the day plays out and how to devote your attention hour-after-hour and day-after-day?  Wow!

Here are some bits of randomness to share...

I loved this post and cannot estimate how many times I've wanted to tell random strangers in the market something like it.  Sometimes when things seem messy, actually what is going on is the opportunity to slow down and appreciate right where we are in that moment.

Even though this bedroom might be a bit over-the-top for my tastes, I think there are lots of elements that could be taken and applied here and there in a home to make it fabulous.  Like the cute bow pillow.  Like the window treatment.  Like the striped daybed.  Like the polka dots.  Like that closet space with the drawers for storage and the shelves for shoes.  I'd like that in my master closet.  Hmmm...

I clicked through every single one of these fall printables in this blog hop and downloaded and saved several of them - a whole file folder is devoted to fall printables at this point because I also added these to the file.  Where would I post ANY of these?  I'm not sure, but I am thinking on it and trying to figure out a way and a place.

I absolutely love this garland.  I am going to make one for myself.  I am going to splurge on those smelly pine cones at the craft store this fall and hang this near my door so that the delicious smell will greet me every time I enter the house!

I'm also cherishing this post of Ann's because I have really been feeling old this week with an aching back that has almost crippled me completely.  Thankfully, I have asked for help and Mike has stepped up and done just that.  He has done some cooking and some kitchen cleaning and that is truly a rarity - the cleaning, not the cooking.  He has even volunteered to run the vacuum for me this week.  I'm not holding my breath on that one but just the thought helped me to live with the dirty floors for another day today.  I think it is just the desperate need for a new mattress that we have ordered but has not yet been delivered.  The new mattress and springs set was originally promised before the 23rd and this week is staring that down.  It just cannot come soon enough.  Of course, that means that the old mattress in the back bedroom will go out and the one on our bed will go back there and the new mattress will go on our bed so there will be a bit of a fruit basket turnover and a mess to get all straight again but, Lordy!, it will be worth every bit of the straightening if my back stops hurting.

I've slowly been traveling through some blog fall home tours when I feel the need to sit as a new position reliever for my back pain and I'm getting inspired.  Maybe with the back relief I will also get the energy to do a bit of fall decorating.  I have noted that I want to set out some limelight hydrangeas for cutting and for drying because they seem to accent almost anything during any season beautifully.  I skipped summer almost completely.  Bridgette crafted me some cute burlap door hangings and that is about all I did.  Well, I forgot, I did paint some flower pots for my free geraniums!  I'll post about those later.

I am really liking all the Magnolia wreaths I see out there and even cut some sprigs that were cropping up under Mom's tree and brought them home to make myself one for hanging over the mantel.  However, life got in the way and now I have springs of brown, dead leaves.  I'm not going to throw them away just yet because I think I may get some metallic paint and make a DIY wreath kind of like this tutorial shows.  Of course, at the end of that post there are suggestions for making a boxwood wreath and a pompom wreath and gobs more.  See, I just need to retire and pursue some of these things!

Well, it is time for me to find a new position because sitting long enough to craft this post has lasted as long as I can stand this sitting one.  Hope your randomness is relaxing and wonderful!

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