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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Book for Levi

You may remember that earlier this year we wrote a book.  It was a good idea, we thought.  So, we wrote another one for Easton's brother, Levi.

Inside Cover
Pages A & B
Pages C & D
Pages E & F  
Pages G & H
Page I & J 
Pages K & L 
Pages M & N
Pages O & P 
Pages Q & R 
Pages S & T 
Pages U & V 
Pages W & X 
Pages Y & Z 
Inside Back Cover/Dedication Page 
Back Cover

Writing an ABC book seems relatively easy in concept and at first thought.  Then, comes the decision of what words and photos to use for representing each letter.

The level of difficulty increases in a huge way!

Next, comes writing a rhyme for the  pages and the level of difficulty increases astronomically!

Especially when the writer is not so great at rhyming.  So, the writer reaches out for help...

"Hey, honey, give me a word for Levi's book that starts with N."

A good response is shared.  "Nanny Goat."

"Great!  Thanks!"

Then, "Hey, honey, give me a word that rhymes with smart."

Not so great a response - not really appropriate for a sweet grandchild's ABC book!