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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Luci's Book

You may recall that way back earlier this year we wrote a book.  The book was a birthday present for our youngest grandchild, Easton.  It seemed like a great idea.  I mean, we are really blessed as a family and our grandchildren really have all their needs and most of their wants met.  So, creating a personalized book seemed like a wonderful, original, personal thing to do.

Then, we created one for Levi.  I don't do these alone, y'all.  I scour and borrow photos.  I ask for ideas of words to represent certain letters.  I ask for ways to have a page for MawMaw and a page for Mama without having two M pages.  I ask for rhyming words.  I ask for ideas of something that is yellow.  Mike is as good as Webster's gold at times and not so good at others - think rhyming words with heart and smart.

Now, we are half-way through the year, have created books for the three youngest grandchildren, and have come to realize that writing and gifting of books is a great idea.  However, it is taxing on a couple of old folks' brains to come up with ideas!  That doesn't even include coming up with all those appropriate photos, too.

Then, stop and consider that we have eight grandchildren.  Eight.  And are expecting a ninth.

Do you know how many words start with Q?

Do you have any idea how many words start with Z?

Do you know how difficult it is to write a rhyming verse?

Well, we persevere and we just wrote our third ABC book for a grandchild.

Here it is, Luci's ABC Book!
Inside Cover 
Pages A & B 
Pages C & D 
Pages E & F
Pages G & H 
Pages I & J 
Pages K & L 
Pages M & N 
Pages O & P 
Pages Q & R 
Pages S & T 
Pages U & V 
Pages W & X 
Pages Y & Z 
Inside Back Cover/Dedication Page 
Back Cover

Three books down and five to go!