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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Celebrating the Anticipated New Baby

Gathering with friends and family is always fun but when you get to celebrate the anticipation of a new baby, that makes it all the more exciting!
Everybody they know seems to want to be certain that Bryan, Jessica, and Harris have plenty of frilly, ruffly, pink-ness to welcome the new baby home.
Bridgette and her helpers did a remarkable job making the place look festive and sweet for a celebration.
This helper looks pretty satisfied with her finished tissue paper bumble bee decoration.

There were oversized tissue paper flowers and bees to add some punch to the decor.  Below, a couple of bees anchor the mantel decor holding a clothesline of baby gowns and hats.  On top of the mantel is a repurposed window with a large B that will have the new baby's complete monogram added and be used to decorate her nursery.  Some of the clothing items will have her name or monogram added as well.  No self-respecting southern belle wouldn't have personalized and monogrammed items in her wardrobe!
More decorations were added to the archway between the den and kitchen.
This area is just perfect for oversized and bright punches of color.
A closer look at the corner pieces with the flowers larger in size than the average person's head.  Just so cute!
A combination of rustic and sweetness graced the entry door.  The wreath combines burlap and ribbons the colors of the nursery as well as the initial for her last name.
There were gifts and cards galore to outfit the new baby and prepare her family for all those baby needs.  We supped at the nacho bar and munched on brownies, blondies, and honey bear mix for dessert.
Guests completed a sweet treasure for the future by entering wishes for baby.
There were hopes that required thinking and others which popped right into our minds as wishes for her.
Mom, Dad, and big brother all investigated the sweet treasures folks had brought to shower them with love and supplies and ruffles and frills for the new little girl.

Dad took time to thank folks for their generosity and express their gratitude for the blessings of family and friends - current blessings and gifts throughout the years.
Good times and exciting anticipation!