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Monday, April 18, 2011

One of THOSE Days

Yesterday was one of THOSE days.  It didn't start off that way.  After sharing breakfast - cooked by me for a change on Sunday morning - we went outside.  We cleaned a little bit on the barn.  Then, I got on the mower to cut the grass and Mike was going to go get Stephen's bobcat to start spreading out these two mountains of rock

onto our rutted, Grand Canyon, off-roader's dream of a driveway. 

Well after a couple of rounds around the house, the lawn mower started sputtering.  So, I back to the barn it went and my mechanic (Mike) decided that it needed an oil change and new oil filter.  That seemed to work and I got our yard into good shape.  Then, I took a little break before I went up the hill and began to cut his mother's yard.  I made a couple of rounds and started striping across the yard.  I had to get off to pick up a couple of shingles which had blown off the roof during the storm earlier in the week.  The motor died and I couldn't get it to restart.  So, I called my mechanic (Mike) and he came with booster cables and got me going again.  I made several more swipes across and had to slow for a rock.  Once again the motor died.  So, I made a quick call to the family mechanic (Mike).  He mumbled a few choice words and came back to get me going.  Once the motor was running, he pointed to the barn and told me to get there!  So, I zipped across the yard and got half-way to the barn and it died again.  My hero, the family mechanic (Mike), pulled alongside me and in a gruff voice told me, "get in here."  We went to the barn and he took the battery out of another piece of equipment.  Back to the mower we went and exchanged the batteries.  (Mid-way through the exchange, Stephen came by and made some smart remarks which will not be published here and neither will the mumbling, grumbles that Mike made after Stephen drove by.)  All went well and I got the mowing almost completed when a piece of twine got sucked into the blades. 

So, did Mike get the rock mountains spread onto the driveway? 

No.  Why?  Because the battery on the bobcat was dead when he went up there to get it.  (Rather poetic, huh?  I'm pretty grateful that it was or he would never have been available for all my appeals for a mechanic!)

Today, was a different story, though.  When I left to go for my haircut appointment, this is what Mike was doing.  (Notice the crisply clipped grass.)

However, our good luck bled over into today...

Here is what I saw when I pulled in the driveway with my newly coifed hair.

The battery was just too low and the bobcat simply stopped when he was in the midst of moving and smoothing the rocks. 

On the bright side, my pansies are really beautiful right now and maybe it won't rain tomorrow till dark or later and Mike can move some more rock!