If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Don't you think that when a person is sickly you should be able to tell it?  I thought I was doing pretty well - recovered from ear infections and not feeling like I was listening to the world through ear muffs.  Oh, I have awakened with some stuffiness in the morning but was feeling so much better.  Then, the itching started.  At first I noticed a couple of little red spots on my legs and thought I just had bug bites from being out at the barn and stirring up the dust and cat/dog hair.  Then, within the next couple of days I noticed the spots and itching on my belly.  As the day progressed today I started feeling like my tongue, eyelids, and fingers were itching.  It is literally driving me crazy!

When I got to the doctor's office today, the girl asked me to fill out paperwork so she could pull my file.  Then, she very politely asked me to tell her my birthday.  It seems I had written 3/13/11 as my birthdate.  I'm sure she thinks I'm really a nutty old woman.

It seems I was allergic to the antibiotic which I took to try to kill the ear infection.  Plus, it didn't kill the ear infection.  So, I still have ear infections, a cough, and also have itchy reaction to the medication.  Who would have thought stuffiness and a drippy nose could cause so many different problems?  Why is it that I can feel so cruddy, act so dotty, and still look somewhat normal on the outside?