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Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing With Rocks

Sometimes it is the simplest of things which provide the most fun.  Children can have the latest gadgets, the most advanced toys, expensive trinkets and toys.  Yet, there are times when something very simple, something intended for an entirely different purpose, something common and ordinary become the most complex, extraordinary, entertaining fun.  The rock pile which we ordered delivered a week or so ago in order to fill in the Grand Canyon, off-roader's-dream places in our driveway became a treasure without boundaries this week. 

Our eldest granddaughter, Lillie, came for a visit - as she calls it, to stay for "some days."  I met her mother for a spur-of-the-moment pick-up.  We went to a discount store and got some PJ's, underwear, and a change of clothes and we were set for a while.  Luckily, she was wearing jeans and cowgirl boots.  So, when we got to my house, she immediately wanted to go out and play on the mountain of rocks. 

She scratched and scrambled and climbed to the top. 

Then, she did a little happy dance when she got to the top. 

Finally, she plopped down and slid on her fanny to the bottom so that she could start the climb all over again. 

The mountain of rocks provided hours of fun. 
I don't know when I've seen grungier water in my bathtub, either!

By the way, notice the guy on the bobcat in the background?  Well, he diminished the size of the mountain of rocks and we now have a smoother driveway covered with rocks - no crevices, gullies, canyons or even little ponds to bump through on our way to the house.  Yippee!