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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evie's Day

I love having the granddaughters come for a visit.  My favorite way to enjoy them is to have them for a day all by themselves. 

Saturday was Evie's day.  We had such fun!

She likes to be outside as much as I do.  She enjoys finding little things to entertain her.  She absolutely loved the cat who came down from the barn to check us out.  She was tenacious at trying to ride the new bicycles I got.  She didn't really get pushing with first one foot and then the other.  She would try to push with both feet at the same time.  She even tried to stand up but found out quickly that the tricycle would flip you over the handle-bars when you try that move.  There were no tears, though; she just hopped up and went after it again. 

One of her favorite things to do while we were outside was to bounce the pink ball.  She would bounce it and chase after it, bounce it and chase after it.  She didn't really need anybody to play with her at first.  Another thing that she had great fun with was a hula hoop.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't get a photo of that, though. 

Another thing that seemed to intrigue her - and she made quite a collection of these - was the rocks.  She would gather several and line them up and make piles and then throw them back into the driveway before she would collect a few more.

She has learned some timed racing techniques and when I was out playing kickball (We simply kicked it back and forth to one another or I would kick it and she would kick it several times and then she would kick it back to me.), she announced to me that she wanted me to race.  She jabbers so much and I don't always understand what it is she is saying because she has her own lingo.  So, I wasn't sure what it was she wanted until she said, "On your mark; get set; go!"  I just laughed at her and told her that I wasn't going to run.  Then, I said the same thing to her and she tore out running.  When she would stop and look at me, I would say it again and off she dashed with her little short legs pumping as fast as she could. 

Another time I wasn't so sure what she was saying and she repeated the exact same jibberish two or three times.  Then, she gave me a huge sigh and raised her voice and said, "I 'ont juice!"  In retrospect, I think she was telling me she was thirsty and wanted something to drink but I'm still not sure how exactly she said it.  I did understand her telling me she wanted juice, though. 

It was a sweet day for us girls and I look forward to our next special little time alone together.  How lucky I am to have four little ladies to share time with!